The Hunger Games is a Watered-Down Battle Royale and Running Man | Angry Nerd -

The Hunger Games is a Watered-Down Battle Royale and Running Man | Angry Nerd

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People say The Hunger Games is a watered-down Young Adult version of the brilliant Japanese movie Battle Royale, but Angry Nerd completely disagrees. He likens the sci-fi tale to a watered-down version of Running Man, but with a premise that doesn’t actually work.

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The Hunger Games is a Watered-Down Battle Royale and Running Man | Angry Nerd

Starring: Chris Baker


  1. I think someone should die in 5 hour and if nobody dies someone randomly would get a bounty hunter on them.

  2. I would make them fight in a box to make it end faster 

  3. Whenever two contestants get too close, an alarm goes off. This forces a serum injected into them before the games started to activate. It's effects are a berserker rage, giving them the uncontrollable feeling of rage, anger, and bloodlust.

  4. Make it so every once and a while, if it gets boring,I'll make random natural disasters

  5. Actually, your problem with the hunger games not being a reasonable premise because of how long the wait time would be is explained. I haven't read the books, so I can't say if this is for certain, but in the films in order to spice things up, the creators of the hologram forest they live in do things to get the participants moving and put them in more danger, like sending genetically altered, extremely venomous wasps after them, or setting the whole forest on fire. Another thing is that it isn't really an example of how people are starved for entertainment (even though I think it's an example of how far acceptable "reality TV" can go). Instead it's supposed to be a tribute to the people who fought in some great war or whatever. But really I think the message is to show how crazy society can be when they don't question anything, and how terrible the life of poverty is compared to the life of luxury. It's also an example of how far government control can go as well. The books are much better from what I hear, so if you want to believe the premise a bit more, then read those. 

  6. in the end the victor has to survive a tornado for 10min or other storm thing 

  7. When I sneeze I sound like a bowl of spaghetti 😛

  8. I agree, The hunger games movie was a piece of crap

  9. That was kinda stupid trivia questions i mean it should be like drops of supplies then everyone will rush there and it like the beginning of the games again

  10. I'll be in the corner tired of organized fighting tourneys and just disliking the Hunger Games for its lack of independent female characters

  11. The movies are nowhere as good as the books everything is explained much better, and there is a lot more action.

  12. They could add every hour a human with a gun to hunt them down or decrease the size of the map and if you step out you simply get….. boom boom

  13. Yes, yes to all your sayings. These movies suck hard. They're boring as hell.

  14. The hunger games doesn't need any changes it's all original

  15. There needs to be little to no relation building, they are watching their children. They are forced to watch any way. The people of the capital are brain washed and dumb. As for the tiny cameras they have them they show one in a tree they show it. Its set in the future so tec evolves all the time so it works. You have little to no intelligent comments and if everything sucks so much why do you bother watching anything.

  16. I would move the hunger games to a deserted island. Then id tell them all that they had 3 hours to kill everyone or I nuke them all. bye bye island. If theirs only one left at the 3 hour mark he or she wins.  However, at the 3 hour mark if theirs more than one then boooooooom! No more Island.

  17. Very true, on the other hand in "The Running Man" the show was heavily marketed in the movie's universe and in every episode it was guaranteed that the contestants (always depicted as criminals with made-up backstories of unhuman acts against innocents) were going to be killed in many gruesome yet spectacular ways by the Stalkers, who are followed celebrities like WWE wrestlers. For many logical reasons Running Man was the most followed show in the film.

  18. Now I'm not a big fan of the hunger games either, (I don't really have a legitimate reason, I just didn't like it) I was watching the extras and they were saying that the way they shot the movie was made to be through how Katniss saw it, and the terror of it all; instead of the way the capitol would actually shoot it, glorifying everything. There was plenty if interesting stuff elsewhere were the camera wasn't pointed in the actual movie that the people in panel where watching, and once they got boring, and where we were watching was boring, they added fire and mutts. So how Katniss was going around May be boring at times, then the capitol people wouldn't pay attention to her.

  19. I uld tweak the hunger game rules by adding a auction and the right to send 3 items of said districts choosing food guns (if they chose to send a gun ammo doest take away another choice) etc.

  20. Force all of the hunger game contestants to, well, be hungry. 

  21. The people of Panem are FORCED to watch it, they don't want to watch it.

  22. Everyone chose to be a superhero and they would fight with the superheroes powers

  23. I agree so much. I love the books but I don't care much for THG movies which is a very unpopular opinion among my nerd friends but I don't care. The first movie was horrible and cheaply done. Mediocre acting, horrible score, shaky camera all over the place, horrible special effects. I thought the first Maze runner movie was way better. I like Catching fire though.

  24. Russian roulette style elimination every 4 hrs

  25. i think they should make a virtual reality device were no one dies but it seems like it it would save many

  26. hijack every contestant so that they want to kill everyone (if you don't know what this is it is where the capitol tortures somebody to think everyone is thier enemy using tracker jacker venom)if it works on peeta do it again

  27. the reason everyone is still watching this is because this city people think this is a great honor
    the kids are watching it because they want to know if their loved one die or survive win

  28. Fernando Fernando, that son of a bitch says:

    If I could do what I wanted with the Hunger Games, I'd do it like Black Dynamite did it.
    Gather all the fighters and have their goal be just out of reach.
    (They'd all become little orphan Arnold…)

    I'd also make the arena a maze, with weapons stashed in the walls and no restrictions on climbing over them.
    Hell, there'd even be a second floor to the maze, with a one-way mirror that only the people on the bottom can see through.
    Maybe the maze arena can turn into a Zelda-type dungeon if over half of the tributes were still alive by the end of the first day?

    The maze would change everyday!
    The puzzles would be impossible!
    The tributes would die, knowing that their goal RIGHT THERE!
    And in the the end, no one truly wins, because it would still be the Hunger Games.

  29. Have a guy in a juggernaut suit (or multiple guys) chasing the contestants with a map of everywhere they are so that the contestants have to constantly be moving. The guy would have lots of weapons so contestants couldn't fight him, forcing them to continue running and sponsors could pay to have him chase certain contestants such as the girl how just got 11 FRICKEN POINTS. The person would stop when five contestants remain while the arena shrinks so they are forced to fight.

  30. you should do and episode about how the movie hunger games leaves out important details like peeta's leg

  31. Battle royale is a masterpiece while hunger games is just shit

  32. Well to tweak the rules of the hunger games I would make it a rule that Arnold Schwarzenegger had to be included

  33. Watching the Hunger Games made me crave for BR.

  34. Running man is badass hunger games is a complete piece of shit

  35. Wow, let's list all the movies that Hunger Games ripped off Battle Royale, Running Man, Surviving the game, The Condemned, Series 7, The Tournament, and even Death Race…

  36. They aren't glued to their screens really, they are basically forced to watch but I respect your opinion.

  37. Sorry but some things you have said aren't correct, not hating or anything.
    The entire franchise isn't about the actual fighting, it focuses on overthrowing the capitol and putting an end to the games.

    Sry for ranting lol

  38. Hunger Games conveys Political Message against Totalitarianism, Battle Royale convey message of Friendship and Trust through the Darkest Times. both convey Freedom.

  39. Just watched Running Man, and while watching it, thought to myself this is alot like that Hunger Games. Hunger games is a rip off.

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