The History of Battle Royale Games -

The History of Battle Royale Games

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Battle Royale game genre has become the most popular game genre in last decade. Few iconic games such as Playerunknown’s battleground, Fortnite, COD Warzone, Dayz, H1Z1 helped to reach this titles. These battle royales make a large gaming community and help its growing.

The history of battle royales started since 1990s. There are few books, films, tv shows and comics in the way of battle royal games. There were ups and downs as same as other genres and every single game has added something to the video gaming industry. Those input make it way better and thus players can get a fabiulas experience of video gaming through these battle royales.

We tried to brief the revolution of battle royale games throughout decades, by this video. This is only a summery and all are welcome to add your valuable facts in to this.

Lets go deep in to the history of battle royales.


  1. pubg and warzone ☺️☺️☺️☺️❤️

  2. මම නම් ආස call of duty තමා

  3. minecraft gahala awrudu 7 y yako ada thamai dhanne survivor mod ekak thiyenawada kiyela uba nam marai ban

  4. Free fire mention කරල නෑනේ 😓

  5. shooting games wala witharak natuwa .action adventure . racing and simulation game ehemath one

  6. habai gaming company battle royal ma hadanna gaththa data thama apita epa wenne.

  7. player unknown's battlegrounds 😎🤩

  8. Battlefield 1 2016 ♥️♥️my Favorite battle Royale game මෙකට ගහන්න call of duty වලටත් බැරි වුණා 😏😏

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