The ENTIRE History Of Fortnite Battle Royale -

The ENTIRE History Of Fortnite Battle Royale

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The ENTIRE History Of Fortnite
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  1. I’m gonna give my version of the history of Fortnite

    So the game released and we were all at peace

    Then the sweats come and now we’re done

  2. Ah I like all the seasons from 1 to 9 but fortnite will always have to get an update and a new season like in two years we gonna be up to season 50

  3. I also think peely is a costume with someone in it and the other peely are just family or different versions

  4. Hi I’m from the future and now we have Peter griffin in Fortnite

  5. Why have epic games
    Get rid of Fortnite save the world
    Why did he do that?
    It’s a really fun game mode
    But why did he have to get rid of it?

  6. Top 5 gaming is the king for Fortnite videos👑👑

  7. I am 12 years old and I have never played Fortnite.

  8. Battle royale wasn’t created until 2017

  9. 5:46 actually bots that epic games made chossed drum gun bc of midas

  10. Zero build was the worst decision ever made. Nobody is ever going to get good at Fortnite if they don't know how to build 💀

  11. I loved coral castle it always gave me good loot so I will forever love it

  12. I am from the future, and the emo meowsles is meowskulls and spider gwen IS added along with miles and Miguel

  13. I’m from the future and Zeus is in the game 😅

  14. I started playing near the end of season 2, and stopped after season 7. Came back recently and it’s a totally different game. I can see the appeal for new kids playing it, but it’s not as good as the first couple seasons of Fortnite.

  15. I didn’t play during the first chapter but i remember watching my brother playing and mostly every thing in chapter 1 I remember

  16. My favorite fortnite chapters and seaosns are
    1: chapter 5 season 1
    2: chapter 2 season 2
    3: chapter 5 season 2
    4: chapter 1 season 2
    5: chapter 1 season 1
    6: chapter 1 season 4

  17. 1 year later – midas is back and we have about 876,000 more collab skins

  18. I remember when Chapter 2 just came out and I went to my fiend’s Karl’s house to play, it was so much fun and now we’re all the way in Chapter 5 Season 2 and Karl moved away from my home in Lebanon to go to Dubai, while I eventually left to the United States after the Beirut Blast. 😢, I should be happy that it happened.

  19. These guys know exactly what they're doing, it's nice when a company listens!

  20. i mis old fortnite😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  21. Epic just can't reproduce that chapter 1 hype… that was an incredible time to be playing fortnite

  22. I guess my break from Fortnite was longer than I thought. I had stopped right around season 9 before chapters started. I came back last season in chapter 5 season 1. It’s a completely different world man.

  23. i will never forget that black hole we were pissed

  24. 8:33 THE WAY HE JUST SAID slu😈RPIE and then just reverts back to normal

  25. i tried it in early access and it was crap. for me probably it would still be crap but its amazing how much it evolved and survived for so long.

  26. I regret so much not playing this game until this year….😢

  27. "and i was spotted at polar peak creeping everyone out"

  28. AUGUST 16, 2022???


  29. I hate how people are blinded with nostalgia saying that these seasons are trash, while they are getting better and better, just acccept it

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