The Creator of Battle Royale is making a new game... -

The Creator of Battle Royale is making a new game…

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Battle Royale is a huge genre of games now, but the original creator, Brendan Greene is making a new game and engine that could accommodate 100,000 players… Let’s take a look. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. I hope they realize what they are taking on here. If they do, I have high hopes for this project.

  2. Look how far pubg has came in five years. I remember playing early access with all the bugs and it is still my favorite game till this day. I’m excited for what’s next

  3. I don't get it. Massive worlds and players has been an thing for YEARS. Just look at MMORPGs. There even has been shooters as well where EVERYONE was in one huge battle. There was a WW2 MMO that had massive numbers of people on it. Sadly it failed and closed down. But yeah, MMORPGS have done this for a long time. Which is what is sounds like he is making now, but he doesn't understand it himself. Thinking what he is doing is "new".

  4. and here I thought we were finally getting a new "realistic" modern fps battle royal shooter with better mechanics and upgraded graphics. Don't care much for scale, maps are big enough. Just make them better instead.

  5. 4:50 I think Jacks needs to play Star Citizen. CIG have already created fully traversable planets and moons – and yes, it's amazing.

  6. It’s the beginning of the end… they’ve invented the matrix 😱

  7. Pretty sure the creator of battle royal is minecraft hunger games

  8. That's something…. isn't it…❣️❣️

  9. “Mavericks: Proving Ground“ flashbacks intensify

  10. Artemis is "The seed" and the AI that generates content is "cardinal"

  11. Ready player one is getting closer and closer guys

  12. The technology available in the Stadia platform can potentially allow for even larger worlds than this, with persistence.
    It really is an incredible platform that no developer has, so far, taken any advantage of.

  13. Hey Jack, there's this cool game out now called Zero Hour. You should check it out.

  14. 플레이어 언노운이 떠나다니 크래프톤이 진짜 노예부리듯이 일시켰나보네 여윽시 헬조선

  15. Prologue would be bigger than Rhode Island

  16. If they are making 100k player lobbies they need crossplatform for pc, xbox, ps, and mobile. there's no way 100k people are gonna be playing the same game at the same time

  17. Didn’t CIG already build this tech and integrate it into star citizen though?

  18. Playerunkown started on arma 3 with BR mod, not PUBG

  19. Brenden sounds like he wants to create The Oasis

  20. The best part about modern PUBG is Pewds at the bridge

  21. Its funny to see the akimbo deagles in the trailer, i use them alot
    They are nice, try them out in warzone


  23. I'm already looking forward to buying 5 new graphics cards to play at 60fps

  24. Sounds just like Minecraft with better graphics

  25. Sounds interesting from a technical perspective but not particularly interesting from a gameplay perspective.

  26. Imagine how cheaters will ruin 100k players’ game in one strike..

  27. Honestly 100k might be tooo much, but I'm hoping they break some barriers that allow other devs to build bigger games

  28. Fuel (2009 game) had 14,400 km square map size!
    But it was mostly empty….or lifeless. Making huge maps is difficult, and at the same time populating it with objects or "life" is even more difficult!

  29. this game ain't coming out in 5 Years xD

  30. could, would, should bla bla bla… story of my life.

  31. i hope something like h1z1 is created soon. still one of the most fun br games.

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