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  1. This is very similar to an old game called “Sarges Hero’s” and you’d go through portals that went from an actual war zone to kitchens or bathrooms or whatever. Only I don’t think it had a BR option. It was before those came out. It was a blast.

  2. Game is super fun! Comes back every 2 weekends!

  3. Would love to know if this is paid promo I’ve played this game & it’s really not that enjoyable based on how it plays

  4. Glad to see Kevin is still in good health. what a trooper

  5. This has potential to be the biggest thing of 2024

  6. More of these vids pls 😂 looks like a great game

  7. Is it 3rd person only? I hate 3rd person corner / rooftop peeking and camping.

  8. How much did you get paid for this ad? You were laying it on a little thicc

  9. Getting some heavy Army Men vibes with this game! Army Men was POG back in the day 🙂

  10. Army Men Sarge's Heroes remastered? this looks sick thats what this game feels like.

  11. If it was purely FPP with faster TTK it would be much better.

  12. @TimTheTatman you should try KOMPETE

  13. Timmy is giving off promotion vibes with this one

  14. Sniping looks like WAW and it’s fucking sick

  15. Anything is better than overwatch and their terrible rank system and penalties

  16. not so hot take, if timmy didnt have so many people gunning for him every game he plays he would be top ranked in everything he plays. prove me wrong xD

  17. This reminds me of "Army men sarges heros".

  18. Playstation One, Army Men as a BR 😂 I can dig it

  19. I remember playing an army men shooter on the OG PlayStation. Great concept and they executed it well here.

  20. Think we can get Logan Paul to get behind it? He collects GI Joes I hear. Paid the most for a box of GI Joe cards in history. 😂

  21. Stop the cap, this game is trash, you hype it only because you getting paid for it..

  22. I bet the reason its so fun is because the audio is so good. It's something that pretty much every BR gets so wrong.

  23. Looks to me like they just upgraded the old army men games. Guns that feel like PUBG, a map that reminds me of the old counter strike rats map and basically a gambling system. Might not end up being the best BR, but it's going to be a homerun with old school CS players. I think Tim likes it just because it scratches that CS crate opening itch.

  24. If this comes to ps ill instantly uninstall warzone

  25. Thank you bro I’m new just finished watching the boxing Tyson Francis great fight live alone just me and my dog couple beers great video mate

  26. I would love to see an attachment degradation mechanic where the silencers and compensators melt like plastic and the scopes get dustier and harder to see out of to have a reason to have so many attachments in your inventory

  27. Yall to young to remember that there was a game that had the green toys as a game? Lol

  28. Anyone remember that BR called "The Mean Greens"? Looks like they got this idea from them. I think the Mean Greens was underrated and Im in for this game too.

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