The Best Battle Royale Died... Here's Why -

The Best Battle Royale Died… Here’s Why

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I’m not exactly the kind of guy to obsess over online multiplayer games, but Rumbleverse is an exception. Let’s talk about why my favorite battle royale was shut down in just six months.

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Thanks to Football Head for the thumbnail art!

Thanks to Iron Pineapple for helping with my script, and Connor for helping me film the beach segment. And the Rumbleverse devs, that game was pretty cool.

Resurrections – Celeste
Gallery – Danganronpa V3
Butter Building – Kirby’s Epic Yarn
During the Exams – Persona 3
Great Grey Wolf Sif – Dark Souls
Free Money! – Pikuniku
Season 2 Theme – Rumbleverse
Game Over – Sonic the Hedgehog
Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod
New Donk City – Super Mario Odyssey
Kira Yoshikage’s Theme – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Death by Glamour – Undertale
Snow Mountain – Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
Shop ‘N Squirtle – Pokémon Channel
Passionate & Silent Sea – Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
Midday Majesty – Chibi-Robo
Main Theme – Elden Ring
Main Menu Theme – CS:GO
Amalgam – Undertale
Terror Time – Yokai Watch
Hard-Boiled Heavies – Sonic Mania
Superheroes on the Go – Speedrunners
Streetpass Mii Plaza Theme – Nintendo 3DS
Azure Blue World – Sonic Adventure
Oh It’s You – A Hat in Time
Liberator’s Hideout – Shin Megami Tensei Dx2
Your Best Nightmare – Undertale
When Mother Was There – Persona 5
Quadratus – Shadow of the Colossus
Goal & Score – Yoshi’s Island
Egg Fleet – Sonic Heroes
Game Over – Super Mario World
Ideal and the Real – Persona 5 Royal
Overworld – Super Mario Brothers
Classic Lobby Music – Fortnite
The Sunlands – Octopath Traveler
Smart Race – Deltarune
Reunited – Undertale
PinqPiq (xovevox Remix) – sasakure.UK


  1. This might be explaining the joke, but I just have to say I fucking love how you can play 2 notes from the Elden Ring theme and it instantly translates into "ironically quoting a dumb person making the very unsophisticated argument that because a game has a dodge roll that it is therefore 'just like Elden Ring'". I just like it.

  2. Damn, makin me remember Dawngate now. Never gotten over it to this day. F

  3. I just wish I was able to enjoy this game more before it's fall…

  4. What’s wrong with us? I mean we let a game with soul and definitely a passionate dev team die yet meanwhile triple A games that are just being kicked like a dead horse come out yearly and there supported and it boggles my mind

  5. I Needed play More From That Game or A Revolutions From Twitter… or X Now

  6. Rumbleverse was, and still is, easily one of my favorite games of all time. In a way I was reminded of my first time Smash brothers. Just a chaotic mess, with everyone going flying all over the place, lots of laughter.

  7. never heard of this game, would have loved to play it, maybe marketing affected the too, im a casual gamer and never got a wind of this game

  8. i wanted spellbreak to be great. honestly its the gamers that kill games . i guess Fortnite & Warzone are just more fun…

  9. Absolutely loved this game honestly hoped they would have collabed with WWE or aew

  10. hate that im finding about this game now after it died i would have loved this 🙁

  11. I'm still fking mad at Epic, when I hear about this game its like 2-3weeks before closing the game. like wtf they should just put in Steam or idk, fkin promote it? geez

  12. I didn’t expect to tear up at a rumbleverse video, a game I never played and scoffed at the trailer as another battle royal fortnite clone, but here we are. Love your videos as always!! 💙

  13. Man I wished i knew how great of a game it was and the more do i wish i was able to experience it 🙁

  14. lols the way you explained the moves and what cancels out what is so accurate

  15. This seems like the exact kind of game I would love. It’s a shame I didn’t learn of it until its death.

  16. The people putting on and off they'r flag in the open world map should all go to hell

  17. Feel sorry for your loss. And I feel so sorry for the devs that not just have to put up with the lowest of humanity but also see their hard work go up in flames in just half a year. Just put the game out with Singleplayer and make multiplayer possible. Really sad dude. Much love 🙁

  18. Get your inclusion of Sonic heroes and undertale music, also excellent written essay

  19. aww man i feel stoopid when I first saw the trailer i touht it was being cartoony like fortnite, and the resling being gimkie, and then forgot about it.

  20. ive seen this game in passing before but whatever clips or or images ive seen failed to express what this video has expecially the beautiful map design , platforming elements, and depth of gameplay mechanics were not properly showcased, so it came off as a cartoony button mash fest. I hope this company can take the best parts of this game and implement them into their next project, and hopefully be more successful in showcasing their hard work

  21. As someone who plays almost every BR that comes out, prefers playing BRs and look forward to new BR releases, I saw rumbleverse, said "looks mid, this shit gone fail" and didn't touch it

  22. wasn't it only on epic? i had a friend who kept trying to get me to play it but I just don't want to support the egs

  23. Im gonna be honest, i stopped playing as soon as i saw how awful the characters looked

  24. Watched it cause youtube wouldnt shut up aboout you. I swear i pressed the not interested button multiple times on this video in specific. And yet here i am, i peeked it for 3 mins and i really am not interested about this video.

  25. I never played it but I'm pretty disappointed this game died early. I thought it would have ended up in my friend groups rotation eventually.

  26. why does your intro sound like someone is calling me in discord

  27. The art style also hurt my interest in the game not because they were "ugly" but because the general art style of how the characters rendered reminded me of that really corporate generic artstyle

  28. Never heard of this until this video. Such a bummer. I would have had a blast.

  29. It's sad to think, but I had that same urge to play a game every day, but my game was PVZ Garden Warfare 2. Bro have that game that just a few people play, but you know that 4 or 6 players by playstyle even when the guy changes skin, that is really someone else…

  30. i only played the first season but man it was refreshing something new we never saw and it was so addicting because you get random perks or abilitys i just loved it i hope they make a new game or just open the servers again

  31. As has been said in the essay, needing to enjoy several niche genres at the same time i can honestly tell i would probably never touch this game. That being said, from what was presented i can see a truly passionate project and devoted community that was spoiled by a bunch of "bad apples". As a part of the Payday community, we weathered the storm and I'm feeling bad that you guys didn't. From what i saw in the video the game was dummy fun and brought something unique to the table, truly sad to something like that wither away. It burnt bright just didn't burn long enough

  32. mfers wait til a game dead to make a video essay about how good it is

  33. you hit it right on the nail, the only reason i didnt give rumbleverse a chance was because the characters were ugly and it was TOO goofy

  34. dont forget the 3 secret rock paper siccors moves
    1: make a fist and than pull out the middle finger
    2: take out the gun in less than .5 seconds
    3: rooshambo them (aka kick them in the BALLS)

  35. I remeber getting so mad that i was getting flung when I was about to get a chicken or a purple book

  36. I waited like a year for it to release, then I quit after one game

  37. my fav spot was downtown bc me and my boy would call it tthe bronx or the hood lmao

  38. Rumblevers was my favorite game I am extremely sad that it died 🙁

  39. I’ll never forget this game , I found it very early on release and fell in love spending many hours and money on the cool cosmetics making my character custom to my liking . I even got my older brother to download it and also love it

  40. Damn i didnt even know this game was a thing. Would have loved to play it

  41. You summed it up I heard about the game and saw some gameplay but it just looked like a flavor of the week party game so I didn't even bother

  42. this is genuinely sad. Looking at this game, I might've gotten really into it if I'd heard more about it

  43. It was an honor rumbling with you, gamer 🫡

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