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Tarkov Battle Royale #EscapeFromTarkov

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How I Peek in 13.0.3 | Full Guide | NoGeneral Peek
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Type : !settings !graphics !postfx in my Twitch chat to get my settings.
Gear : Wooting 60HE, Logitech G502x : 1000 dpi | 0.17 in-game


  1. General pays for botted lobbies bro woudnt last

  2. the breaking two legs when landing sound so fuckin accurate xD.
    btw man how can i get a coaching. its my first wipe and i have a decent KD of 7.5 and about a 1kd when it only comes to PMCs. I feel kinda confident but i feel like im missing some important steps for PVP

  3. BSG should've made Tarkov BR instead of Arena.

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