SUPER PEOPLE - Could This Be The Next Big Battle Royale Game? -

SUPER PEOPLE – Could This Be The Next Big Battle Royale Game?

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Super People – Could This Be The Next Big Battle Royale Game?
0:00 Intro To Super People – What Makes It Unique
1:54 Super People Strike Force Character Gameplay
8:01 Super People Gas Solider Character Gameplay

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  1. My question is why is the mini map so huge lol

  2. I would try this game but its PC exclusive

  3. Reminds me of a lot of other "battle royale" games that end up with 1000 global players daily

  4. no is not, is pubg with fantasy. This game sucks.

  5. i don’t see why anyone would switch off of their preferred battle royale to play this, it doesn’t offer anything new

  6. Reminds me of how derivative Valorant looked at launch, and I fully predicted that game to go nowhere. However, it's been a huge success, so maybe this game will be too. Nothing in this gameplay makes me super interested though.

  7. all this game needs in mode without super abilities and first person

  8. I will not lie to you, I doubt any other BR will ever become popular period anymore, we have our main few and that’s that, the “battle royal” game type is so overused people don’t give two shits past a few weeks for anything new, it’s happened to what was it hyperscape in like a week, I have no doubts in my mind this game if it dose pick up will be popular for maybe a month or two then never heard of again

  9. is this a closed beta?

    i will have to redownload the game again in the future?

  10. Thank god you can switch to first person. Idk why I hate 3 person shooters, like I can play story games in third person but not br or arena games

  11. The power ups make this look like a fun game to play casually

  12. When the devs fully release it, I think they should rename the game to superhuman.

  13. What a sht game. We are tired of fortnite and pubg. Really.

  14. I could see this game being popular but depending how the other big games do it may never happen. It does look cool though

  15. Reminds me a bit like a mix between apex, spellbreak, and bloodhunt.

  16. Im actually looking forward too it, if it it will be free to play or not, ill still get it. its has the pubg feel with some apex stuff. and its and actua, game id reather play in 1st person

  17. This feels 10 times better to play than PUBG already and it hasn't even left closed beta yet. That alone I think will attract a lot of people who love PUBG but don't play it anymore because it's a broken piece of garbage.

  18. taking advantage of your passives is the biggest thing about this game. get a good handle on your passives and how to squeeze out as much damage as you can and your golden

  19. The name is awful so for that reason I'm out

  20. Game installs a trojan on your pc. Beware, me and another friend both got the Trojan. It also requires a phone number to verify for "anti cheat."

  21. Dropped a crate gun for a heroic vector? Dude… That's like dropping a kraber for a RE-45.

  22. Still is very under the quality of Apex legends , even tho it has tons of bugs and bullshit.

  23. It definitely needs a new name ahahahaha super people isn’t quite it ngl gameplay looks decent tho for sure 💪🏻

  24. I ain't gon' hold you bro, this looks like a mobile game.

  25. This looks like pubg with powers and I’m not really on board with another class based shooter because we have had so many of those and the ones that are out right now are already so good.I’m not interested and I’m sorry gm. I’ll watch this video but i won’t watch any other videos of this subject

  26. I was about to say this kinda looked like pubg

  27. I’m super excited to see more gameplay of this, I always fall back on br’s and I love the content given by you. P.s you sound like a kid I sit next to in my English class, he has the same way of talking (idk wether to call it a speech impediment or not)

  28. I think Apex just needs some competitive passionate devs that are far less greedy and the game would be perfect..

  29. Yet again a great game that’s only PC 😔

  30. Would love to see some more of this game!!!

  31. LOL. Do you guys really think that game will be great success? It is another korean pay to win pubg wannabe with clunky stereotype korean style characters. You are really super dumb if you not see how cheap this game. UI like in mobile games, donate like in mobile games. HOW? Just how you can believe in this game?

  32. considering that its a new game its pretty good

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