Super Animal Royale - Launch Trailer -

Super Animal Royale – Launch Trailer

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Super Animal Royale is available now for FREE on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S!

Fight for FURvival in 64-player top-down battle royale matches to see who remains at the top of the food chain.


  1. Looks awesome! Also, I'd love to see Remi Gaillard spoof this

  2. I forgot this existed, nice to see it’s out

  3. very good this game i played today on my xbox one s recommend

  4. That voice sounds so familiar?!

    Does anyone know who?

  5. Wasn’t this already out as I already have achievements back in October last year.

  6. It's wierd how happy tree friends evolved… 🤔

  7. This gone be next fortnite… for 2 months¨

  8. fortnite players: i cant imagine playing any other battle royale game
    me an intellectual:

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