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Sponging Noobs

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I had to go and scan my teammate’s dog tags, where I found this adorable rookie squad. I managed to pull off a 1v4 without taking any damage. Relive the legend: golden axe game online is now available to play. Gather your friends and start your adventure!

Gameplay Details:-
Game: Call of Duty: Mobile
Season: Vintage Vigilance (Season 3, 2024)
Mode: Battle Royale
Map: Isolated
Soldier Skin: Gunzo – Clownpin
Class: Pumped
Weapon: BY-15 and AK117 – Grim Ending

Game Settings:-
Graphics: Quality (Very High), Frame Rate (Max)
Sensitivity: Default (High), Speed Acceleration (250)

Device: Apple iPad Pro 2021 M1 (11 inches)
Country: India
Recording Software: iPad Screen Recorder
Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro

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  1. They ate map hacking their cheating with mystic weapons how weak

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