SOS Hands-On: A Battle Royale Game That Makes Every Player a Performer -

SOS Hands-On: A Battle Royale Game That Makes Every Player a Performer

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Tom and James discuss SOS, an upcoming battle royale game that makes the mic a vital tool, and why that could be a mistake.

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  1. At least they did something original. I like how they're forcing Mics but this game might die if it's not interactive from twitch as well.

  2. This game is going to start a new thing. Mark my words!

  3. I want this on console. Everyone seems to be hating on the game, yet it really isn't a clone lmao.

  4. When games are previewed put the available platforms in the description.

  5. this sounds like a bad idea on top of another bad idea

  6. Emojis are lame and trying to make a new streaming platform is a great way to fail harder than the Kinect

  7. To many battle royal make boring dude

  8. Girl gamers are already at a disadvantage

  9. Another booring, garbage battle royal game.

  10. So being funny or acting stupid in game to draw viewers is as important as being good at the game?

  11. Why am I getting WarZ vibes from this engine?

  12. Twitch? Why the hell would I wanna use that?… I have to much of a life this. I'm out.

  13. I need a battle royale game that is fantasy based. Run around learning spells/abilities, finding different types of armor/weapons. Be fun to see what OP combos come out, like a person finds fire ball, a charge move, etc.

  14. perfect to shout with strangers….. perfect for my tourettes…

  15. Not sure what people are going on about… this isn’t really as much of a clone as people say

  16. Twitch has extensions now. They should've made a Hero extension instead of a whole new platform.
    I was watching this game being played the other day on Twitch and it looks pretty fun

  17. Don't know why this is being called a "Battle Royale" game.

    No magical force field forcing player movement
    Only one firearm and that's a handgun
    It's not about last man standing but escaping via "relics"
    You can run solo or team up or betray that team at any given time
    You spawn in random locations versus choosing drop sites
    There enemy AI to deal with which no Battle Royale game has
    More than one person can "win" the game
    It has a silly (could go good or bad) social interaction aspect to it

  18. This video gives me not a slightest idea about what the hell this game is. Just running around, jumping with guns? More running around? Some kind of monsters where you jump about over them? Run around more?

  19. actually the dev put small detail into the game like when u in the cave u will sounds like in a cave literally what u hear irl. u can talk on walky talky and when u get to far from ur teammates or enemies, your voice will be lowered untill they can't hear you anymore

  20. If this game goes on console, I could imagine it being a hit. But I think it will most likely be buried in steam with all the other upcoming battle royale games.

  21. This game would be much more fun if this is shooting n escaping game at the same time. Or two team starts n one team survive would be nice

  22. Может уже хватит клепать дерьмо по 30$?

  23. So dont play the game if your not a streamer, got it the games even more trash than i originally thought

  24. All u pubg fans are mad cuz all the other battle royalle games look better and Are funner

  25. Look at them lyin'. They know they made this game with only memes in their minds.

  26. As much as people are bashing this game I'm glad someone is trying to make something unique for once. Sure its a "battle royale" but its obviously not a traditional one and not a clone. If you're a social person this game seems really fun (Not really me but i certainly find it interesting to watch). I think IGN should have shown more gameplay instead of just talking about it. If you wanna see some really good gameplay of this game just hop on over to Jameskii's channel. The game looks like a blast.

  27. WARNING, this game is nothing like this now, they changed it to straight money grab BR. It's still fun being on a smaller map with less people but it's not the same as the video

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