Shotgun Throw Fail -

Shotgun Throw Fail

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I thought I would get these two enemies with shotgun throw, but my shotgun jammed and fired with a delay.

Gameplay Details:-
Game: Call of Duty: Mobile
Season: Vintage Vigilance (Season 3, 2024)
Mode: Battle Royale
Map: Isolated
Soldier Skin: Artery – Enforcement

Game Settings:-
Graphics: Quality (Very High), Frame Rate (Max)
Sensitivity: Default (High), Speed Acceleration (250)

Device: Apple iPad Pro 2021 M1 (11 inches)
Country: India
Recording Software: iPad Screen Recorder
Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro

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  1. Hiw do you do shotgun throw,are you emulator
    I like your videos alot
    Keep up the good work sir

  2. Bro play warzone mobile they will clape your cheeks

  3. 😮I don’t think they expected that💥💀😅teammate got it 💪🫡

  4. Shotgun throw was successful, you failed to wipe afterwards 😂

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