Realm Royale - Announce Trailer | PS4 -

Realm Royale – Announce Trailer | PS4

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Join more than 3 million players in Realm Royale, the first fantasy battle royale! Choose your class, forge legendary weapons, and mount up. The Realm is waiting.

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  1. Guys guys guys guys….

    Halo: Battle Royale

  2. I can't find it on ps4 duabi store, any1 else having this?

  3. This is bruh game. Total rip off fortnite

  4. The merger of fortnite and paladins.fortnite I began to bore very

  5. This reminds me of something hhhmmmmmmm ………….. FORTNITE

  6. Esse jogo é um lixo trava toda hora, buga na hora de entrar nas partidas, NAO RECOMENDO

  7. É a cópia purinha do fortnite, algum BR ai?

  8. What a ripoff of fortnite this game looks so bad

  9. 8 months and we havent the crossplay we need this why fortnite have and we havent ? Im loving this game please

  10. Can somebody tell me what is the title of the music?

  11. You need to fix your game or take it off the air it always lags and glitches I don't understand why is does that just fix it or something to get it back working .

  12. can i take this video and repost on my youtube channel (writing PLAYSTATION channel on tag)

  13. This looks awesome but something about the animations and weapons feel really cheap idk

  14. So… This is what game fortnite copied? I love it

  15. “guys this game is gonna be the fortnite killer”

  16. I like how everyone changes the music and adds their twist to the video

  17. its fortnite without the stupid building, its awesome

  18. 3 years later and the tears still flow…. miss this game…

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