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PUBG has been a lot of fun since the recent Free to Play update! I’ve especially been enjoying the original “Battle Royale experience” that this game offers which blends last-man-standing gameplay with the survival, exploration and scavenging elements of a survival game. Leave a like if you enjoy the video. Thanks for watching!


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Friends in this video:

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Land on strategic locations, loot weapons and supplies, and survive to become the last team standing across various, diverse Battlegrounds.
Squad up and join the Battlegrounds for the original Battle Royale experience that only PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS can offer.

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▶ PUBG IS BETTER THAN EVER! (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)


  1. Why am i hearing the og call of duty mobile theme song 😂

  2. What GPU/System are you using, quality seems amazing

  3. That was my teammates you should got out by using window he was level 20

  4. Here key facing sniper don't go open make more target as long don't try counter me you won't able see me on snow map

  5. I really would like to see an additional game mode to make pubg into a large scale tac shooter like squad. The mechanics and gunplay always felt better than the more casual cod or bf games but not so over the tip complicated that it could work on multiple platforms and make for an alternative in between the arcade shooters and the milsims.

  6. This is probably 1 of the best PUBG vids I’ve seen

  7. Still the worst graphics of any game on the market.

  8. if u need to wait for matches u are playing at the wrong time… even do i can get into duo games under 20 secs everytime even at midnight on the EU server

  9. Wait, is there prox chat in pubg? (I haven’t played in years)

  10. can anyone play pubg with me if you don't mind

  11. I would like to see the old vibes of PUBG no fancy colorful neon shit.
    Like You were send somewhere in Russia to survive using old and new stuff vibe

  12. h1z1 was the first battle royal game right? idk thats what i thought

  13. Glad to see pubg still getting the pioneer battle royal acknowledgment.

  14. PUBG the worst movement system in any FPS I’ve ever played! Considering this is a mod from ARMA I’m actually surprised with how shit the movement is! DayZ has Better movement

  15. The only problem they had was not updating it good enough with the changing times.

  16. petition to create a crossplay w/ controller input option on PC. i miss playing PUBG with my friends but theyre all on console. cant play anymore without it being on cloud gaming. and google stadia is LOL NO THANKS.

  17. i love how many times your friend says good shot, it sounds so wholesome. good video

  18. I just wish the console versions were as good looking as the PC.

  19. I haven't played this game in two years and because of you I have and am having lots of fun playing it

  20. For me PUBG is very slow compared to APEX and man oh man does APEX delivers. Pubg used to be the top but now it's just being there overshadowed by Apex, warzone etc. It's like old school vs new school

  21. Dude you have got many shots in this game! Keep it up BRO 👌

  22. i hope u know that h1z1 was rly the one bringing the genre to the masses not pubg

  23. wtf are you tlaking about? its still full of hackers

  24. how long does it take to get into a game these days?

  25. The game that laid the foundations is H1Z1 not Pubg

  26. before pubg I remember the days of H1Z1 laying the grounds for a new genre, before H1Z1 I remember an Arma 2 mod laying the grounds for a new game for a genre that didnt exist yet back in 2010ish… Pubg was amazing and brought the genre to a new level in popularity but pubg is not where it all started.

  27. Time was good back then bro. All of my friends dying the most stupid ways and cursing each other. So yeah this game was really amazing

  28. i'm 39 and have been playing video games since the atari. when pubg came out for xbox it may have very well been the most fun few months i have ever had playing a video game. you and aculite were a big part of the reason i bought the game

  29. Remember when you could speak to others in pregame lobbies? The plane ride was absolute chaos. The good ol days in 2017. Take me back

  30. I'm finding myself slowing coming off the one man stand games and attaching myself to large scale battles

  31. I still love PUBG until now, for me this game are the best in battles royal category.. more relaxing happy with friends when played it together. . COD warzone is so rushing more I played it more bored I get

  32. It would be cool if they did a big team battle system with 5 respawn limit or something like that.
    I'm not a fan of being boxed in slowly leaving a last man standing.

  33. British fu- ahhhhh I’m just kidding I hate British bc of the past

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