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PUBG has been a lot of fun since the recent Free to Play update! I’ve especially been enjoying the original “Battle Royale experience” that this game offers which blends last-man-standing gameplay with the survival, exploration and scavenging elements of a survival game. Leave a like if you enjoy the video. Thanks for watching!


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Land on strategic locations, loot weapons and supplies, and survive to become the last team standing across various, diverse Battlegrounds.
Squad up and join the Battlegrounds for the original Battle Royale experience that only PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS can offer.

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▶ PUBG IS BETTER THAN EVER! (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)


  1. H1z1 was the first BR foundation in the genre. Right?

  2. I remember the videos you two made back in the first years of PUBG. Glad you came back to check out the game; it's still pretty fun.

  3. i bought this game a looong time ago, years ago. but my laptop i had at the time couldn't run it lol so i bought a game pointlessly. now i'd had a 2080 super and 9700k for almost 2 years and just remembered i bought this because of seeing this video. gonna go try it out lol

  4. i just dont like BR games that just me, thats why i only play STW on fornite

  5. you could actually notice just how impressed aculite is. over and over and over and over.

  6. I used to play Pubg mobile, but not that into gaming on a phone. Watching your sniping game makes me want to download the normal game. Great video, defoes gonna download this sometime soon 🙂

  7. I liked pubg, but the damn hackers fked it up for me, I would flank someone around a hill, the dude throws a grenade at my exact location, he never saw me. I quit after a that and a aimbot guy, good game just the damn hackers fked it up.

  8. I'm your Newest Mr. TOM. Glad to subscribe!!!

  9. wait why does his pubg game look completely different than mine? is it the graphics card? or mods?

  10. you guys give eachother so much positive reinforcement haha

  11. Has it REALLY been six years? Wow. I remember when you really sucked at PUBG, Tom. haha. Sorry. But you've grown so much over the years!

    Also "PUBG Battle Grounds"??? So horrible. At my work, we have a committee who plans things like company picnics and gatherings. It's called The TAG Team. TAG = The Activities Group, so…

    The The Activities Group Team.


  12. The new user agreement disagrees with you in CCCP spyware style, its a shame really that they choose this since PUBG is unmatched.

  13. With DLSS I think the game is even more amazing and they should most certainly consider increasing the minimum range on foliange to the distance of one of the later zones.

  14. Love this game, but I only have series x at the moment and this game really isn’t great on console+controller.

  15. I'm sorry, Arma 3 BR mod was the real deal. PUBG was just a trash attempt.

  16. "let's go" … It this PC or mobile emulator?

  17. dudeee I play warzone with you , hello how are you ? my name in warzone :HumbargAze

  18. Never played it, but I remember falling asleep to PUBG videos way back in the day after I got off work.

  19. ok ok explain why you know exactly where he is, and calling it while u cant even see shit? @14:46

  20. Bro idk how much they paid you for this but not taking the bait pubg died 3 years ago, let it rest in peace

  21. I’ve tried war zone.. meh I tried apex I can’t even survive 10seconds lol pubg I love the vastness and the survival feel of it..I like it! And I started playing 2 weeks ago!

  22. “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds: Battlegrounds “🤣!!!.. it is totally ridiculous😆

  23. Pubg is still the best game out in my opinion! I've been playing on console since day one and no matter how many other games I play I just keep coming back ❤ @AzVikingGamer

  24. I loved this game but the bots ruined the game for me. They need to remove them

  25. I am too scared to play this game lol, I suck so bad at it.

  26. yeah its awesome to play against cheaters in every lobby alrready got 10 cheaters banned and ive only played for like 12 hours lmfao

  27. cheaters overloaded, the game is dead, making the game free to play and earn from hacks is not a good idea to pay the sallery to employees and pay the rent and other expenses…. I stopped playing this shit after being killed by so many cheaters, aimbots and radar hackers…. I reported them and got no response from PUBG to ban them.

    let them play with bots and I am not the victim of this un-fair business.

  28. This game is such an adventure each round, it really stands out! Miss playing it

  29. Pubg made the intelligent decision to remove duo queue in NA for TPP, so i made the decision to stop playing ever since.
    Along with the other 4 people i played on and off with during the week.

    I know we arent the only ones.

  30. I’m on a different account I remember when you started playing you guys were so excited when you one and you were serious about it but still silly in Waze

  31. Everytime i play pubg i always get instantly headshotted by some guy i cant evem see

  32. Hi Friend,
    Can you tell me how do you record PUBG

  33. I used to love this game so much – unfortunately it was a pain in the ass to run

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