Project V New Battle Royale REVEALED! -

Project V New Battle Royale REVEALED!

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Ninja, CourageJD, SypherPK, TimTheTatman, and Nickmercs are all well-known streamers in the gaming community, and they have recently announced that they are working on a new battle royale game. The details of the game are still unknown, but it has already generated a lot of buzz and excitement among fans. The streamers have a combined following of millions of viewers, and their involvement in the development of this game is sure to attract a lot of attention. They have a deep understanding of what makes a great battle royale game, and their insights are sure to be reflected in the game’s design. The combination of their expertise and their massive followings make it likely that this new battle royale game could be the next big thing in gaming. Fans are eagerly awaiting more details about the game, and it will be interesting to see how it fares against other popular battle royale titles. Unleash the chaos on the raceway with smash karts unblocked games! Buckle up and join the high-speed mayhem as you compete against players worldwide. Experience the ultimate karting adventure – start your engines today!

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  1. It's gonna be garbage. All of those streamers know absolutely nothing about the gaming industry or how making a game actually works. Their opinions also go against the majority of players opinions when it comes to what in game loot to keep and to vault etc. So, I don't forsee this being an enjoyable play mode.

  2. Oh hell yea let’s go

    Ya also a really good you tuber keep it up 👍

  3. its gonna be trash, whenever these youtube sensations come together to hype anything up it turns out to either be a scam or trash.

  4. Letttttttsssssssssssssss goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…..🤙💪🤌👍🫡

  5. But in the end its still inside of fortnite so it never really matters.

  6. Well in in Fortnite so they is less competition but ok

  7. It is no competition cuz it’s in Fortnite bro

  8. Let’s be honest, it’s just gonna be a crappy knock off of fortnite even with fortnite being as bad as it is rn this version made by them is gonna be 10 times worse

  9. That’s not even competition since its part of fortnite so more people playing this = more people playing fortnite

  10. Yet its a huge Battle Royale made in Fortnite

  11. Legit going to be worse than fortnite

  12. I dont like fornite, but they Say the same about cyberpunk and Back for blood

  13. They should get Mr. Beast to sponsor their game

  14. Fortnite has some serious competition because Fortnite has creative and you can build Fortnite inside Fortnite and the competition is Fortnite.
    DUMB MF…

  15. “Fortnite has some serious competition now”

    10 seconds later: “built in Fortnite creative”

  16. Bro, we need these edit styles for the skins. Those look so freaking good.

  17. It’s 2023… acting like Fortnite is a competitor in anything is hilarious

  18. Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Fortnite is for man children

  19. If it's built in fortnite….it's still fortnite

  20. "last the test of time"
    "4 months take it or leave it"

  21. yea no…. they arent "game makers" they are just clout chasers lol

  22. They just want a slice if that fortnite money

  23. It’s not competition, it’s collaboration. If they keep people on Fortnite and make epic money, they get paid. Simple.

  24. Battle royal inside of battle royal 😂😂😂

  25. Why is everyone always so negative with the comments, I mean so what if they wanna create something, even if it is generic or crappy they have the platform to do it and if you think it’s trash simply don’t play it. But to bash these guys because your jealous of their success is kind of pathetic. Even if it’s just a marketing scheme for epic and these guys to make money, like I said before you don’t have to play it or invest your money so why does it matter. It’s so much easier to say good luck hope it turns out to be a good game.

  26. Ninja is obviously financing this 😂

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