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Population one Vr the best battle royale game

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  1. That was nice . I love it when I pull those off

  2. Bro thinks hes a profesional fortnite vr

  3. I just got the game it’s fire first ever round I won

  4. Bro that’s impressive my hands shake so much when I’m aiming

  5. or maybe Brian's don't have bullet magnets.

    maybe you just don't have a life

  6. What gun is dat i never seen it before
    Is it a sniper

  7. I really wanna buy this game but I hate the building… like it isnt fortnite ..

  8. Nice short
    man that's was a good shot

  9. Honestly population one is pretty easy for being a battle royale game.

  10. I wish the hud didn’t BLOCK MY SIGHT ON SHOOTING PEOPLE.

  11. Ay man I just got population one and I’m wondering with the snipers what button or what do u do to scope someone

  12. Alguien sabe cómo ocultar la notificación del juego??? Se ven al frente de la pantalla y no deja ver al apuntar, es muy molesto

  13. Taking them out of the sky with the AwP is best. I like hitting them from so far away i get 60 because of damage drop off. I have the same 50 cal skin with muzzle brake too, it's awesome 😎👍.

  14. Bro what is this sniper skin and how to you get it I need this skin

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