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Population: ONE VR Battle Royale Oculus Quest 2 Gameplay

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We’ve recently been hands-on with VR battle royale contender, Fortni– uuuh, Population: ONE. Big Box VR’s latest game offers ambitious 18-player multiplayer that pits teams of three against each other in a deadly race to be the last players standing. The footage here was captured on an Oculus Quest 2.

We’ve got a full impressions of Population: ONE right here:

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  1. I legitimately think this is the most fun you can have in VR on quest right now. Solaris comes a close second as that appeals to my penchant for fast and non stop gameplay, but this comes together really well and I love the vertically of this

  2. If they make the PCVR version look like this so Quest players don´t have an advantage I´m not going to buy it.
    The graphics are really mobile phone-ish. Of course for a Quest standalone version it´s great. But I don´t want the PCVR version to look like this.

    I really hope Onward was the only and last game which made the PCVR version look like shit, because of Quest/PC crossplay.

    Please Population One. Don´t screw it up. This is the most anticipated VR shooter for me since it was announced.

  3. Alright so I’m gonna give everyone my honest opinion regarding pop1. So first I’ll get to the good parts first and the. The bad parts. So when you first play it it’s really really fun but then an hour into playing it it’s not that fun it gets repetitive. There’s also only trios at the moment I believe there will be more modes (I’m not sure) but the graphics look pretty good for the quest I just feel like the map is a bit small and that there’s too little players currently(but that is bound to change). But the games are around 8 minuets long which in my opinion is a bit short for a battle royals game. And listen I’ve been looking forward to play this game for a while but when I got to play it it was mediocre i would give it a 7.5 out of 10. But my review dosent stop here. Pop1 is a fun game especially with friends but when your dojo g fandoms it’s ok personally I have 4 friends who are in the play test and we all have reached a conclusion that pop1 is a fun game and all but we wouldn’t buy it when it comes out because have had first hand experience with it and it is a good ga,e if you are the type of person to like or love battleroyale games like fortnite or pubg then this is the game for you it’s a mix of both but it’s also different. Also the building mechanics are pretty cool and I love it a lot and quite frankly I find the building to badass it’s great and all but getting materials is where it gets annoying because the only way you can find materials is by looking for them like you were to be looking for a gun. But that’s my honest review of population 1 it’s a fun game but it starts to die down after a couple of days or hours. In conclusion I would give pop1 a 7.5 out of 10

  4. 18 player is kind of crap for this sort of game

  5. I hope BR isn't the only game mode. This looks boring as heck. The game mechanics are good though.

  6. are there physics? Can you put your hands through walls and guns?

  7. truly delightful. I wouldn't mind if they also made it available to flat players to grow the, ahem, population…

  8. Game looks way different on my quest weird. This looked like alpha alpha footage

  9. I dig this. Just too bad about the whole being tied to FB thing.
    I'm also curious if it takes physics and collision in mind so there's no poking through walls.

  10. What’s the estimated release date and price if your allowed to tell me

  11. What I dislike is that red fog and the idea itself to draw players closer to finish the match. Games 5 to 8min long is not great. I understand it is a concept of br mode but its just too quick and all over. I stopped playing Virtual Battlegrounds for this reason. All game I'm busy to outrun the frigging fog.

  12. You don't actually throw the grenades in this? Its just select and point your arc indicator and release?

  13. you guys are actually pretty good especially with team work. love this game its easily one of my fave battle royales

  14. This looks absolutely horrible. Bland environments just filled with empty rooms, arcade reload where you just click parts of the gun to reload instead of actually cycling the weapon with a fresh mag, a button to throw a grenade… IN A VR GAME!? it's like they want the player to move as little and be as unimmersed as possible. It looks like the devs were lazy as fuck when it can to the actual VR portions of the game and jerry rigged pancake game dev tutorials to a VR game. Pavlov, Onward, and contractors already have shown how you build a VR shooter. You don't make it less hands on, you need to make it more hands on!

  15. Game looks like a lot of fun, I’m
    Excited for launch 🚀

  16. Why graphics so ugly… details, textures… we all could do better in 1hour unreal engine tutorial 😔…

  17. So you still walk around on your feet despite being "downed" and all the buildings are just empty and grey inside…this is not a finished product.

  18. This is terrible. I expect Upload VR to praise it as the greatest game ever made though.

  19. I just get the feeling this game will be hyped like mad by youtubers, but dead within months. that price is going to put a lot of people off.

    Edit: I change my mind, this game is fucking incredible.

  20. ik this is suppose to be like fortnight and this VR game is tons of fun i just don't like the shields lol

  21. I agree with what other naysayers. It looks unfinished. The building interiors and physics look terrible. I know it is new… but cmon.

  22. I own this game and it's not bad … I just hate how the health and shield bar are in your way when loading a gun or aiming … climbing while holding a gun is impossible especially when your trying to get a way real quick by the time you put away your gun your dead. .

  23. the game looks cool but who thought it was a good idea to have a unlimited life last stand with a long timer. Its stupid and when you do get revived you want to blow your own brains out because your without a weapon or any gear

  24. I feel bad for breaking the "420" like count, but this needed another like.

  25. Not worth being connected to Facebook or meta, whatever the fuck they think they can hide from they can’t.

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