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POPULATION: ONE | Launch Trailer | Oculus Quest & Rift Platforms

Meta Quest
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POPULATION: ONE is battle royale only possible in VR. Its unique Vertical Combat System gives players the freedom to climb anything, fly anywhere, and fight everywhere. Use your environment creatively to gain the high ground advantage. Set in a colorful, near-future world, you and your squad must fight together to survive until the end.

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POPULATION: ONE is developed by BigBox VR, available this holiday.


  1. I might actually play this and never play battle royales.

  2. motion sickness: Oh yeah its all comin together!

  3. Cap: in the thumbnail we can see 5 people

  4. Noob question as I don't know much about occulus but some of the game graphics I've seen looked underwhelming…does this game actually look like this in the headset??? Or is it a glorified trailer and you end up in a barren white landscape shooting stick men???

  5. Can't lie this game is one of my top 5 games on vr it's just really good

  6. It's seem like it could be fun. I hated the random grouping. I refunded it. If they include solo or duos I'll repurchase

  7. how was this 10 months ago………I’m dying

    edit: it’s been 18 months since this trailer was released (its 2022 Early April)

  8. i hope more and more people will play and join us in this epic game of vr world. ❤️❤️❤️

  9. The guy in the blue coat reminds me of Thermite from R6S. Dunno why

  10. Can't wait for this to have litterally one active player so it finally lives up to its name. Which will coincidentally happen in a very short time because non-free battle royale games in VR will NEVER work.

  11. I’m a dev of population:one I’m just here to say i hope you guys are liking the game!

  12. I hate seeing comments saying finally battle royale has been brought to VR, pop 1 was well made but most of the fame it got was from quest users who don’t know other VR BR games exist.

    It is NOT the first battle royale game in VR, I think stand out was.

  13. the only day i wanted to get it and got it, it was on sale lol

  14. I don't like this game. It dilutes the google results for the movie: Population 1 with Tomata Du Plenty

  15. A vr br for people who bought an oculus? That’s cool. Nice to see that people with learning disabilities will be able to squad up in their own game

  16. I love how he justs peeled a banana in front of enemies

  17. I'm going to get this game soon and it looks good

  18. Wow, what a great game! I sure hope that the main gamemode gets consistent updates and isn’t flooded with boring cosmetics and events!

  19. Anyway I can make the graphics look nicer one mine? 😂 (oculus quest 2)

  20. Do yall know what to do when it says oculus not responding

  21. I am haveing trouble with mine because I can’t get my game back

  22. Hey there! To help us understand your statement, could you please tell us what you are not able to get back?


  24. So oculus of forgot my payttern and I did the steps but my oculus won’t connect so PLEASE HELP ME 😭

  25. Gameplay: ✅
    Price: ✅
    Community: ✅
    Fairness: ✅
    Fun: ✅

    Yep this one’s a keeper

  26. Loved this band for a good while now so seeing this trailer made me jump 50ft

  27. Did this man just whip out a banana mid game? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. If only the game play actually looked like this.

  29. muy bueno lo tenemos y la verdad es muy entretenido … planear , disparar, sniper, caza, a lo rambo es muy bueno!! aunque le faltan explosiones!!

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