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Population One Brings BATTLE ROYALE To VR

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I check out Population One on the Oculus Quest 2! Population One is a new battle royale game built from the ground up for virtual reality from BigBoxVR. Population One is cross play with Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and SteamVR headsets…

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Check out Population One on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 here;

Check out Population One on Oculus Rift here;

Check out Population On on Steam here;

This video was sponsored by VR Cover with a paid promotion.

Let me know what you think of Population One in the comments below, are you excited for this VR battle royale game?

Thanks for watching []-)

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  1. ive been trying to stream to fb through my quest two and the audio cuts out and its quiet the whole time after a few seconds…anyone know a fix for this?

  2. I got this game yesterday and my first game i tried to revive a teammate but when I moved the defibrillator to him I punched the corner of my cabinet and cut my finger open 😀

  3. Who else found Mike on nathies channel on an oculus go multiplayer game and is literally so happy. :Edit: I just realised Nathie is in the vid lol:

  4. I like this game but … I hate the the life and shield bar in the bottom like that … it gets in the way of seeing a full view … its weird because when I first got the game I didnt really notice it but now its annoying

  5. Fortnite: QUICK U GOTS TO USE A MEDKIT!!!!
    Pop1: just eat a banana and drink some coke u be fine

  6. Wait. THIS IS FORTNITE?! That’s it I want my $31.23 back

  7. population one is the best vr game in my opinion

  8. I’m just asking but did u know your name is named after a drink

  9. "Oculus Quest 2" sadd 🙁

    "Oculus Rift" happi 😀

  10. If I got anything from this video it’s 3 things for my Quest 2 for $49 total (including shipping) from VR Cover. Hasn’t arrived yet but I expect to be decent quality for the price. Thanks for the recommendation.

  11. Yeah im a little broke kiddo boi so I looked at the oculus quest 2 silicone cover for my Oculus Quest 2 and sent it to my mum and yeah… I need it.

  12. This would be EPIC if you used haptic feedback suits and stuff

  13. I can picture people that are afraid of heights not jumping or flien up to buildings lol

  14. What if you don’t have friends to play that with

  15. i cant wait until i get my vr headset so i can play this

  16. Hey I have a question does the vr cover can you use the glasses spacer

  17. I've been thinking about getting the quest 2 would you recommend to me

  18. I've been watching like thousands of vr and quest 2 videos recently. My quest 2 delivery got delayed so looks like ill be watching a thousand more.

  19. Stand out actually brought battle Royale to vr

  20. ita a dope game i like aiming down sights tho

  21. How do you change the screen when you move, for some reason when I move the screen goes into a small circle

  22. you can just tell this guy loves making his videos

  23. I'm using the quest to watch your video.

  24. I’m new to vr I got one today , the quest 2 and how does he run without moving ?

  25. You can see how I play this game in my channel

  26. 7:37 IT WAS THE HISTARICAL LAUGHTER AT THE RACIST JOKE FOR ME!!!! Well done nice and suttle!!!

  27. I'm saving up money for the Quest 2 and when I get it this will be the first game I buy

  28. Man I’m missing out I just found out about this

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