PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - Mash Ups Dev Diary -

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – Mash Ups Dev Diary

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  1. you dont want your favorite chars in the game?

  2. Well, im quite happy with the actual roster. Of course i'd be pleased about new characters, but i seriously dont wanna spend anything on them ^^

  3. thank you thank you! Answered so many questions! 😀

  4. or crash are being used for special characters

  5. All that information is incorrect. Although so far they have confirmed that Kat will be free DLC, but she isn't on the disk.

  6. They show patapons but i want them as char along with ac 1 2 or 3 and crash

  7. thumbs up if u want to play as the uber hero!

  8. Crash and patapon patapon uber hero or 3 main startin patapon in 1 and 2

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  10. Crash is probably going to be the last dlc , There has rumors there is going to be 3 dlc genre packs and crash i think is a third party so………….


  12. So far there are only two DLC character announced Kat (Gravity Rush) and Emment Graves ( Starhawk). They will be released in early 2013.

  13. Remeber, a reason alot of older characters arnt in here is due to the fact that Sony dosent own them anymore or never did. In case of Crash and then of course Spyro. Crash more likely then Spyro cause Activsion.. is..well.. money whores… IM lookin at you Skylanders.

  14. And some more info is that Kat and Emment from starhawk are both out and free for the first week!

  15. Am i the only one who noticed Kratos blade and sly's cane in the background

  16. I think the way they did the stage crossovers was great!
    The music starts getting funky after the mash-up starts and the veriety of real-time game events made a realalistic stage. With a range of games with a close genere to compleatly different games entirely.

  17. You know what would make laugh my ass off if in the next super smash bros they would do crossovers like playstation allstars and super mario bros combined with call of duty.

  18. really modes? The only mode there is to play is an arcade mode wheres my story Mode?!

  19. I think it's a pretty clever idea to mash the stages up. ^^

  20. i wish for the patapon uberhero to be here

  21. Give us episode 3… Ups wrong place on YouTube to go I mean give us PSASBR 2!

  22. i think ps all stars battle royale melee would be cool

  23. make a second one or remaster it for ps4 and have crash and cortex in it pls

  24. Finally, a game worth playing

    Because it has patapon in it

  25. I want to see St Louie from resistance cross with the rayman series with rabbids invading St Louie

  26. Thank you for the amazing Patapon/Hades level! Such geniusness!

  27. I still have a faith that Sony will turn Playstation All-Stars a game series.

  28. these are why I love psasbr which other game lets you see patapons attack the underworld king in greek mytholgy

  29. honestly the mashup concept was amazing

  30. Playstation please put this game on the PS5

  31. I wish to be playstation all stars round 2 on PS4

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