Playing Clash Royale for the First Time in Years! -

Playing Clash Royale for the First Time in Years!

Judo Sloth Gaming
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Clash Royale is very different from when I last played, well before the Champions Update. Judo Sloth Gaming downloads Clash Royale to battle as a Noob player for just 10 matches. This is purely meant for fun as I have not played Clash Royale for years; I recorded one video around 18 months ago however prior to that it was 4 years since I played. Essentially only for a few months when the game first launched. I hope this one makes you laugh, I actually had lots of fun making it. Enjoy!

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  1. I like how you say "magic archer" but it's actually princess

  2. 6:14 it doesn't matter if it's a new player IT . DOESNT . MATTER if it's a OG player coming back after years IT . DOESNT. MATTER If it's a pro player who plays regularly they all agree on one this
    electro giant is broken(+gay)

  3. Jodo should play 2.6 hog… it would be good

  4. Just saying the second game the card that you tried to poison Is not magic Archer its princess

  5. I love the comedy he put in his videos, got me laughing on my floor

  6. "flying machine I don't even know what this thing does"
    Meanwhile there's a Preview to what every card does

  7. Judo is stuck at 2018 clash royale like royal giant

  8. let me just say, as a distant clash royale player, level 14 barbarians terrify people when every other card is 11 and 12

  9. I love how he calls the princess magic archer

  10. Judo calling the megaknight a dark prince had me dying of laughter

  11. I don't know why Judo called the princess magic Archer

  12. Man I Love How He Is Suffering.🤣❤️
    We need this kind of Content again 😁❤️

  13. do i poison the magic archer?

  14. Judo Sloth playing against electro giant!!! Electro Giant is broken

  15. I find it funny u called princess margic archer idk how u got it mixed up tho

  16. I love how he called the princess magic archer

  17. I love how he calls a Princess an magic archer

  18. Seeing that inferno at the back for the first atrack was so triggering lol

  19. I love how he says that the princess is the magic archer

  20. POV: your watching this vid and you are a mid-ladder cr player

  21. Its hilarious watching you play 😂😂😂

  22. Lol inferno tower at the back that made me laugh so hard

  23. The first deck played was log beat which is probably on of the most hardest deck to be played😂😂

  24. You were noob in cr🤣🤣🤣

  25. Okay so logbait is not actually logbait…because there never was a princess loll… It was a magic Archer all this while ..dangit

  26. the fact that he called the princess the majic archer

  27. Andrew bro its not a magic archer its a princess
    love u judo and your videos
    love from pakistan

  28. I hope you all enjoyed me ‘trying’ Royale again, if we do more videos I’d definitely need help from all of you

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