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In today’s video I’ll be playing ladder using pekka ram rider! Pekka is one of the best counters to mega knight which there is a lot of in the meta. You got lightning in the deck to help counter all the archer queens. Ram rider is a lot stronger than the battle ram in pekka right now since it is more likely to connect to the tower and gets value on defense. I hope you guys enjoy the video, subscribe for more content!

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  1. Another day,another good way to spend the time.

  2. Was watching ur stream today hope you doin alright

  3. I been using pekka sense 2018 loved this video

  4. I stopped playing Pekka and now play more cycle decks but Pekka will always have a place in my heart ❤️

  5. wanted a video on ram rider deck,.thanks boss .

  6. Pls make a vid on Rey Supremo Royal Giant Valkyrie Cage deck. I am sure you know this top player 🙏🙏🙏

  7. Must say.. Boss looks like a heavily innocent dude.🙂

  8. Dang, your star points are 1919199. Thats a screenshot lol

  9. Do you like this more than the MK+RR variant you played last season?

  10. Rewatched the stream from last night because I couldn’t make it, I hope you’re doing alright also keep your head up, and if you need to take a break from social media I don’t think anyone would realistically blame you. Make the best content you can make and make sure you enjoy doing it, wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t enjoy what you did. Hope this helps a little !

  11. Please make another video on the royale giant tomstone deck

  12. Damn the first guy was crying himself a river full of salt , man was using golem clone wished you bm’d him back a lot more than what you did lol

  13. these are the games i like its soo cool that clutch sparky and golem clone games hope you highlight more games like these in future

  14. Thanks boss! Ram is my fav win condition and pekka’s counter push potential is just disgusting

  15. Barb barrel is in there BC u will vs log bait every game otherwise*

  16. He's having a good time so I guess we're having a good time too 😂

  17. can you do giant sparky bait would like to see u playing it

  18. Pekka without zap is weird to me. Any reason the Snowball is used over zap here?

  19. This my main deck. It’s super strong. Good against almost every matchup. Happy I can now learn from and watch a pro play it 🙂

  20. Am I the only one who noticed Boss's star points count at 4:12

  21. Hey boss can you try the egiant cycle deck with rocket

  22. Thx boss, I asked you to play pekka bridge spam deck in comments of the last 2-3 videos and now the video have come. This is why I appreciate you.

  23. I have same deck but with magic archer instead baby dragon (sorry for my bad English)

  24. Boss' sarcasm every time his opponent laughs is too funny🤣

  25. I can’t be the only one who’s noticed he’s picked up a super weird accent in the last few months… On certain words he has like a super southernish accent or something

  26. Bridge spam decks is so fun when u catch ur enemy at low elixir 😋

  27. Boss, I love your stuff, but I think it’s maybe time to invest into a new camera?

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