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Clash Royale Tier List 2021 – Clash with Shane
Ranking Every Card in Clash Royale Tier List 2021 for Clash Royale Best Card Ranking.

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  1. Imagine if the inferno tower had a “multi” option like in coc… rip swarm units

  2. witch at d tier but cannon cart at s? bro was high while making this video

  3. If I had a dollar for every time he said Royale hogs are good in ladder

  4. B tier ballon i do a strat with ice wizzard and freze spell and i destroy em

  5. Hog rider should be A tier I love hog cycles they work very well

  6. Are we not gonna apply the fact that this fool put witch at d tier

  7. I’m telling y’all rage spell is very underrated one of the decks I use is bandit, elite barbs, bb drag, goblin glizzy gangbang, dark prince, mini pekka, hunter, and rage. And it dose very well guy and it cycles relatively well the decks avg cost is 3.8

  8. I feel that mirror is possible to make b tier just because of baiting a card and then attacking in a completely different area. Not only that but it provides access to breaking the level cap.

  9. how is witch D tier i have friend who uses witch and its they're fav card ( they have 5600 trophies )

  10. No way he just put the arrows at b tier

  11. Why mega knight is higher than pekka? Pekka is good defence from golem, giant, e-giant and all another ground tanks. IT IS NOT A PUSH CARD, IT IS A DEF CARD!!! AND ALSO PEKKA KILLS ASSHOLE MEGAKNIGHT!!!

  12. God bless everyone and have a nice day and Jesus loves you all and I do too very much bye.

  13. Literally no interest in this game but wanted to watch a tier list video for some reason and yours really satisfied my urge so thanks man, great video

  14. bomber is now 2 elixer and in my opinion one of the best cards in the game

  15. you are on something if you think giant skelly is c tier. can stop literally anything

  16. Cuantas cartas hay en clash royale en 2021 hoy en dia ?

  17. Why wizard at c tho? I use wizard trust me he got me 6 wins a row

  18. my meta is literally battle healer, rage, minion horde, mirror, clone, arrows, and electro wizard, and wall breakers

  19. Ok let’s be honest no offense to the list and your opinion but this isn’t how good each card is it’s how meta is a card essentially it is not based on the cards overall versatility and actual overall singular use it’s based on how meta the card is now I would agree with a lot of these but not nearly all of them to put a card like the witch that low is ludicrous as it offers distraction with skeletons whilst defending itself with them and easily spawning them passively as she does her work she does splash will target ground and air and will literally to some extent counter all cards with the exception of a few… even a valkyrie that is misplaced will be countered by the witch that is one of many example (and no I do not run witch in my deck I’m not some butt hurt kid defending my cards) it’s just one very good example of how this list is not how good a card is it’s about how meta it is.

  20. Not agree at all rage is good cause if you have elite barbarians an Royale hogs then you win easy.

  21. I know this is old but mirror depends on how you use it

  22. Can we talk about him putting barbarin hut above witch also mortar above Tesla 🤦‍♂️

  23. Why pekka is a card that can counter royals hogs, dark, prince and prince even he can defend against golem it should be S tier or A tier card

  24. Tesla is the best building but the nerf really changed it

  25. I think lumberjack should be higher up on the tier list like A

  26. Feel like valk should be in at least a or Broken because has alot of health and can wipe out armys

  27. Bro been had rage on my deck since the game came out

  28. This guys opinion on cards are wack asf😂

  29. cannon is too underrated it's my favourite building and I use it on my main deck pepole Just don't seem to appreciate it it's literally so good on defense

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