NEW Made In India Game - Indus: Battle Royale - Graphics, Release Date, Gameplay...& More 😍 -

NEW Made In India Game – Indus: Battle Royale – Graphics, Release Date, Gameplay…& More 😍

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Indus: Battle Royale is a new battle royale game in development at Super Gaming. They are known for developing the very popular Maskgun and Silly Royale. Watch the full video to know about its release date, gameplay, graphics, setting, and more.

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  1. good Indian theme skin with with power

  2. It's Apex legends rip off ,all guns animation is same ,map is same as Olympus

  3. Plz subcribe my channel you agar kisiko montage pasan aye to dil se like kare plz suppprt me for make op gamplay

  4. i wanna see bbs to play this game🙂🙂

  5. I hope system requirements will be so low that 10 yo PC can also able to run this. 😅😅🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
    And yes, in mobile… 3 gb ram and android 6 are perfect start. 😊😊🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  6. I know faug na bhi dispoint kiya lakin Ab game acha Ho gaya ha or ha phala super gameing ko bhi bolo Jata tha ki Ek acha ha sa Tdm game bhi nhi banna rha ha par Ab Indus game jase LA rhi ha so plzzzzzzz faug ko bhi or time chaya

  7. Thanks for promoting this game. This video worth subscribe game gossip✨

  8. thug game look better than this, but im not sure about that are you?

  9. thug game pre registration started whats your views

  10. Thug : Bluff battle royale is the pick for this month

  11. thug would be a better choice than pubg?

  12. Any update on this battle royale thug bluff

  13. شاہداقبال درمانShahid Iqbal Darman says:

    haha every one is giving some game mine is thug game

  14. thug will be next here, failure for sure

  15. kya thug game pubg se accha hoga

  16. Why Indians are only obsessed with battle royal games? Man there is no story.

  17. Me indus ko pichle 5 se 6 mahena se follow kar rha hu

  18. After hearing "Android and Ios"
    I was very happy
    And I am very excited to play this game

  19. Agr inner game positive environment hoga to syd logo ko maza nhi aayega..q ki positive environment me kaha fight, ladai, jhagda hoga.. negative environment hoga to hi maza aayega..I think so

  20. Pc or mobile? If its mobile im not playing that shit

  21. Will there be esports future in this game?

  22. I am hoping for best for Indian players can't wait to play India best Indus games

  23. I wish this game can rock in Indian gaming community

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