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  1. A gaming world from Indian super 5 led by roby sir, proud of India gaming and thanks man for supporting from bottom of the heart #IGTC

  2. Love from Indus Game Telugu community as Igtc ♥️ Team Thambi

  3. Yeah no this game is just another cheap boring copy, i get that they gonna add nore stuff and improve animations but won't change the fact that it has nothing unique going for it for an indian themed game they had a lot of potential but it's wasted

  4. Honestly, apex was good and indus is a good replacement. I'd actually play this game

  5. looks promising but can't ignore the fact it's built on same engine as apex

  6. bro this the the first most animated indian game

  7. Here's me thinking this would only be available for India. I should make my standard much higher. Roby sir lead a great team for a great game.

  8. Your waiting for indian game unbelievable we are not good in making games but appreciate man🙏❣️

  9. Let's just agree that Indus is inspired from Apex "Not Copy"I said " Inspired". I don't want my fellow indians to turn Indus Fanbase toxic.

  10. the game could looks better than that

  11. i really love how imow reallly tries to make good videos but 🙌🏿

  12. Apex legends, Farlight84 kaa copy 🥱🥱🥱🥱

  13. Lol why everyone making the same game lol, they dont have ideas.

  14. they will be gone no one gone play this arena brekout did damage to all of them it was first good mobile game

  15. I can feel the cringe coursing through my veins. Im an Indian btw. It's good that we're making games now but it's just a copy of APEX 😅

  16. Hey IMOW you know bro i am seeing your videos from when I playing apex mobile and love your all videos Love and support from me for your channel from India 🇮🇳 ❤❤❤😊.

  17. In apex mobile its called Legends and in INDUS all characters are called MYTHWalkers.

  18. If you guys dont know what makes INDUS different from other Games is that at end gaMe there a thing spawns called COSIUEM and if you dont even have weapon if you hold that cosiuem for 10 seconds than you will win the game does not matter if you have gun or not does not matter if there are 10 squad if you get cosiuem you will win the br. And its not like cosiuem spawn in early game its spawn in end game when there is like 5 squad left I'm not sure how many but you have to hold cosiuem for 10 seconds and in that seconds game is like so chaotic like everyone knows that there is cosiuem spawn and they all will try to get it and at that time imagine how much stuff is going on its like what its makes different from any other BR game. ❤

  19. Great but needs better graphics for high end device players

  20. So it’s apex but even more shitty than it was on release

  21. Tem alguma data prevista para lançar global estou muito ansiosa 😅

  22. Philippines to come plays real life one game🇵🇭🇵🇭

  23. Yup bro we will make content on this game…..dammm…🔥🔥🔥 🇮🇳

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