NEW Dual Lane Archetype | Clash Royale 🍊 -

NEW Dual Lane Archetype | Clash Royale 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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All the different archetypes are brought up. Control, Beatdown, Siege, Cycle, Spawner, Bridge Spam, Bait. There are arguably hybrids and certain archetypes that somewhat fit into others. But the bottom line is, each one plays different. I’m always reluctant to create archetype videos as they are incredibly subjective with 64 trillion permutations of decks you can create, you will inevitably have hybrid archetypes.

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  1. 😂 I just cycle my skeleton army and goblin gang

  2. I think mine is a mix of bridge spam and dual lane with a golem

  3. u CAN fireball both lanes. WITH MIRROR OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH

  4. I used his beatdown deck(golem pump N witch) and it’s low key hella good

  5. Dont know why this video felt like a documentry and i love docs

  6. What is the best threeM deck

    Edit: im in spooky areana

  7. “You can’t fireball both lanes”

    But they might also carry mirror

  8. I created a dual lane with royal recruits

  9. Thanks for making me feel intelligent after this documentary style vid
    One of ur best vids

  10. December 11th 2023

    OJ releases Zappies Tech

    (I know Oj already released it,but I just wanted to make a joke out of it)

  11. So weird, I don’t use any of those types

  12. when he said 2017 I remember the days when the highest arena was hog mountain I am OG btw

  13. That's a positive elixar combination. Which gives a positive elixar trade. Trades all day that what happens in ©® {©lash ®oyale}

  14. nice edits with the music in the background. made the video sound more dramatic

  15. I always do the dual lane archetype but I call it the "double lane" push

  16. Enemy: plays very heavy dual lane deck
    Me: plays tornado+fireball 👌👌

  17. watching today … i maxed my 3 musketeers but i regret doing it there are so many counters skarmy mini peka valkyrie minion horde but ice spirit help upto some extent but if opponent spawns wizard and log u are gone

  18. it kinda is rock, paper, scissors

    beatdown counters siege, siege counters control, control counters beatdown

  19. I’m a bridge spam guy. My favorite card is Bandit.

  20. I've never heard of the "Archetypes" and i just made random decks and in less than 5 months I was in Legendary Arena, with my megaknight, bandit, rage

  21. I use a really simple dual lane push:
    1: baby dragon
    2: wall breakers
    Boom if you defend one lane, your other tower will get at least 600 damage
    Boom if you defend both lanes, every lane will get at least 400 damage

  22. Tornado and fire ball them all simple answer.

  23. This vid makes me emotional for no apparent reason

  24. No matter how hard I try I can’t get the right deck and archetype 🙁
    I dropped 2 leagues

  25. Is it just me or oj sounds like our lives depend on this

  26. this is kind a like a space mission documentery

  27. Weres all the fireball mirror decks just because of duo lane

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