NEW Dual Lane Archetype | Clash Royale 🍊 -

NEW Dual Lane Archetype | Clash Royale 🍊

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All the different archetypes are brought up. Control, Beatdown, Siege, Cycle, Spawner, Bridge Spam, Bait. There are arguably hybrids and certain archetypes that somewhat fit into others. But the bottom line is, each one plays different. I’m always reluctant to create archetype videos as they are incredibly subjective with 64 trillion permutations of decks you can create, you will inevitably have hybrid archetypes.

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  1. OJ “you can’t play fireball in both lanes.”
    Mirrored Fireball: am I a joke to you

  2. OJ! What kind of archetype is this deck!:
    Lamberjack, dark prince, balloon, fire spirits,zap, wizard, Princess and inferno dragon! 🤔😗

  3. Oj legit the most 9999 iq cr player lmao

  4. “They can’t fireball both lanes!”

    Mirror: “am I a joke to you?”

  5. How to beat the dual lane archetype: Rocket the king tower when the opponent places the 3 M on the back.

  6. Exnado, valkyrie, bomb tower joined the chat

  7. OJ: you can’t fireball both lane
    Mirror: I’m gonna end this man whole career

  8. what is the first minute music song?

  9. He started saying dates of card releases and I started to think of a few years ago of what clash royale was and I started to cry

  10. How do you find all these decks give me the site please

  11. “No. They haven’t been meta since 2016”
    Gob Hut in 2020: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT

  12. A pros with 3 musketeer
    Just a guy with 2 swarmies and godly synergy deck

  13. Literally no one:
    OJ: aNd tHeN a card wAs iNtRoDuCed

  14. All this time I thought the piglets were called Royal Hogs.

  15. I would make my own Mini pekka bait which has many cards for mini pekkas


  17. Wow, this archetype has a plan for everything! Might try it out

  18. OJ: They can't fireball both lanes
    Mirror: Am I a joke to you?

  19. Title: New Dual Lane Archetype
    OJ: I just wanted you to know that the Ice Golem pairs well with the Miner

  20. There’s a weakness of dual lane fireball bait.MIRROR

  21. yeah but now duel lane is just royial pig fly machine recruit

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