NEW Clash Royale Update 🎉 -

NEW Clash Royale Update 🎉

Orange Juice Gaming
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NEW Goblin Drill, New Arenas, Balance Changes, Clan Wars 2 improvements. More Gold. More Deck Slots. New Emotes.

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  1. Remember when it cost gold to battle? Rough times.

  2. They massacred my poor Fire Spirits. The golbin barrel deck has got so much many nerfs over the years it just feels not worth playing this game anymore

  3. I remember the video of scrappet cards in 2018 3 years ago when they mentioned the goblin drill and now we are finally here.

  4. OJ:no one can beat me
    Me: there is one
    Me:CODE OJ

  5. that fire spirit change
    ruin my deck 😰

  6. 2018: Goblin Drill is a scrapped card
    2021: Surprise surprise mother father, the king is back

  7. I was almost master 3 now my challenger 1 wtf why did we get sent back so far

  8. Not a fan of the new update I really miss the 3 firespirit card

  9. Sorry I've been playing forever I cant just look at this for me they ruined it and I cant play this game anymore but I'll still watch on

  10. Yo I don’t like the undated cuz who like fire spirits it only one I need three no one it kinda fuck up

  11. I hate how OJ's acting like this is a good update, like, the ladder is so skillless that you can just pay your way to victory, I think fixing the matchmaking would definitely make the game not as dead as is now.

  12. Orange Juice Gaming Japan🇯🇵 china🇨🇳 south korea🇰🇷 ???

  13. Tbh I'm very disappointed in the giant skeleton nerf, it was the first card I got lvl 13 and for what?

  14. Bro troops don't even match the arenas i hate the new update.

  15. fire spirits doesn't lose to ice spirit anymore

  16. They really nerfed me boyz, I use to do Ebarbs with fire spirits to cover from skarmys and minion hordes but the new fire spirit wont do it so I had to repmace for zap and now my ebarbs target everything but the tower.

  17. "You should me matching opponents who are more on level"
    Me: Good one

  18. theupdate that sent me from legendary arena to spooky town

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