NEW BO4 Battle Royale "BLACKOUT" Beta LEAKED by EB Games? -

NEW BO4 Battle Royale “BLACKOUT” Beta LEAKED by EB Games?

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BO4 News! It Looks Like A Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Battle Royale mode Beta Might Be Coming in summer of 2018! Also Black Ops 4 pre order versions digital deluxe and digital deluxe plus editions for Zombies leaked by EB Games!
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Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta Leaked –

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Black Ops 4 Gameplay Reveal –

Blackout new cod bo4 game mode –

COD WWII HQ Gameplay –

Black Ops 3 New XMC gameplay –
More Call Of Duty bo3 ppsh gameplay –

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  1. Thunder representing EB Games again. Come Onnnn INNNNNNN!

  2. I really hope Treyarch removes the awareness perk in Black Ops 4.

  3. I pre ordered digitally and I haven't received a beta code is that normal

  4. You and the mark of j are the best bo3 youtubers at the moment like if you agree

  5. BO4 multiplayer already looks horrible so might as well add Nuketown. Smh

  6. 😂😂 that mix tape line always gets to me everytime. Lmao

  7. A shit ton of EB games employees are very uninformed. Don’t hold your breath about this.

  8. Cod 4= 3 remastered. Nah I’m good still playin blops 1

  9. "actually we are not even sure what's in this thing,but whatever the top tier thing Treyarch is selling i'm buying " You're better than this Thunder

  10. is it 100 percent confirmed that there is no season pass for the multiplayer maps?

  11. 300 million is not hard for Fortnite with there season passes only cost 30times100 people in match that already 30,000 mostly everyone has the season passes then make millions of vbucks alone and including people who brought save the world with them having over millions of players not hard to make 300 mil

  12. I’m getting the digital deluxe edition that has the base game and the season pass. Digital deluxe plus edition will probably have like 10 skins in br and some other cosmetic stuff with like 10 supply drops and I don’t need that so yeah

  13. is the game free? do you need psplus aswell????

  14. No one said mp maps are going to be free🤣🤣

  15. Normal edition. COD ain’t worth no more of my money.

  16. I don't mind paying for zombies but I hope it doesn't cost $15 for just 1 map maybe like $5 for 1 map of zombies

  17. I got so many angry msgs on bops3 when I was using my shieva accusing me of hacking it was that good. kinda like a longer range Marshall pistol lol

  18. Thunder I am starting to lose a lot of respect for you. Saying that healing yourself is no big deal. Seriously Thunder, this xpac is nothing short of an abomination and your fanboy praise is pathetic and disingenuous. Come on Thunder, I have always trusted your review and have literally not bought ghosts; aw; and iw just because of your honest reviews.

  19. Don’t buy digital version people because when you hate it, you won’t be able to take it back. I’m going to laugh when half the people take BO 4 back to game stop within the first week. Every person I have personally spoken with is not buying it. Game stop workers at multiple branches expecting it to be taken back shortly after purchase. I’ll stick with old Cod and WW2 until MW4 is out.

  20. I didn’t go to the store myself to pre-order it and I just got the normal one I think

  21. I love your voice but stfu about your junk shot<3

  22. It only makes sense if we play the battle royal mode in the beta… I am probably just going to get the standard copy of BO4 because I don’t play zombies that much (if at all) so paying $40 would be a waste.

  23. If there is deluxe editions that are not availible at the moment but the base game is i gaurentee its bonus cod points for loot boxes and cosmetic items in battle royale mode

  24. Eb games and gamestop guys dont know shit theyre always telling me bullshit lies but i never correct them when i know theyre just making shit up like when they said the ps3 and xbox 360 would be down in 2016 lmao fuck gamestop bunch or virgin nerds that dont even game

  25. Damn sure won’t be buying loot boxes

  26. Maybe it’s not just a zombies season pass but, you get a week early access to the free maps

  27. Bo4 doing ur own health regen …. It will no work they will change it 3 to 6 months in when players are leaving the game… Doesn't effect me though im buying battlefield for a decent ww2 game. …. 5 on 5 now … Lol ill stick with 32-32

  28. I don't know why, but you remind me of HollowPoiint

  29. Fornite skins are overpriced as hell and no one is talking about because the game is free to play. Dear lord $20 just a skin.

  30. u dare put fkn bo3 gameplay on here

  31. Yes because getting two maps and needing to pay 50 bucks for 4 other maps it's totally worth it. I understood that with WaW as they just figured out what they were doing, but this far into cod? Inexcusable.

  32. Black ops 4 gunna be awesome mashed potatoes In cereal SEIZURE SEIZURE

  33. Love your spirit! You just got a new subscriber!

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