NEW Battle Royale Games Coming in 2021! -

NEW Battle Royale Games Coming in 2021!

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NEW Battle Royale Games Coming in 2021!

Hello Everyone, in today’s YouTube video we highlight the new Battle Royale games that are launching in 2021. We have had some awesome games launch this year including COD Warzone, we have also seen the usual Battle Royale games dominate such as Fortnite and Apex Legends. Next year these new Battle Royale games could impact the current popular Battle Royale games. One of these Battle Royale games could be the next best Battle Royale game.

Be sure to let me know which new 2021 Battle Royale game you are looking forward to trying!

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  1. This game will be definitely beat pubg game

  2. Uh have less subs i feel bad even uh have osm setup

  3. hey farlight84 used to be called mission s and i played the beta the beta is ok but nobody played it so you played against bots if you wanna play it its on apkpure

  4. My favorite br is apex but ima try all of these battle Royals out

  5. The only reason that first game is gonna be famous is due to that big booty of the female character

  6. SCAVANGERS gives you the opportunity to come back and take revenge on your killer instead of dying and go straight to lobby a loser…
    Sounds good to me…

  7. My friend tried a couple games of Scavangers and said it sucked.
    I guess it depends who you are.

  8. i was super exited about farlight until you said not on CONSOLE. BIG SAD

  9. Far light better be on console or I'll cry and riot

  10. The way this guy says forTniTe😂😂😂

  11. Scavengers looks sick oh my gosh😍😍

  12. I’m still waiting for men and Dino battle Royale game where you play as a human surviving killing other humans and have to survive non playable Dinos or maybe even playable Dinos

  13. Vampirr the masquerade battle Royale lol no way that's wikd

  14. I was able to play quite a bit of Scavengers in the alpha. It’s really fun!

  15. unless they have strong anticheats its a fail

  16. Honestly I just want a battle Royale to come out that can compete with warzone. Hopefully once a good battle Royale comes out activision will sort out their anti cheats out

  17. i rlly want scavengers i to singed up for beta but i think its closed now

  18. farlight seems good, will try it out for sure

  19. The 1st one is really the 1st different br game coming this game will be popular upon realese.

  20. Ratchet and Clank Br would b realy nice, or am I trippin?

  21. Scavengers looks promising, the first br tho, looks like a Fortnite ripoff, so, no for that one…

  22. Fuck Battle Royale its the most shallow and boring genre ever.

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