Naraka: Bladepoint Is a Battle Royale for Fighting Game Fans -

Naraka: Bladepoint Is a Battle Royale for Fighting Game Fans

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Want a little more swordplay in your battle royale? Check out our preview of Naraka: Bladepoint, a battle royale from developers 24 Entertainment, with a central focus on fast paced and action packed melee combat. This preview will cover the ways in which Naraka is both similar and different from other Battle Royales, along with giving some impressions of the deep melee combat system that it employs.

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  1. If it's made by a chinese dev, you know that there'll be a lot of hackers.

  2. Is this another game where the hitbox is 100 meters away and you're 4 feet infront of them?

  3. How u let a guy that doesn't play BRs review a BR game? Sheeeeesh

  4. Why do they have to make everything a battle Royale

    It looks like it’s be a fine game on its own

  5. DC vs Marvel. In a battle royale fighting game. With a deep combat mechanism. Make it happens

  6. Imagine a One Piece Battleroyale where 60-100 players get random dragon fruit powers, Haki etc.

  7. Eh, looks kinda lame. Everyone seems way too tanky

  8. If you guys like mecha, anime and battle royale, you can try Super Mecha Champion

  9. Quanzhi Gaoshou (The king’s avatar) Gun of glory

  10. Ok listen … Pirate br games…. Ships… Upgradable ships… And can hop on over ship.. Attack… Huge sea and islands..

  11. Played demo today absolutely loved it, hoping for a healthy player base

  12. Is there similar game to this but not battel royal?

  13. is it just me or does this look super stuttery or laggy… maybe its just the video or the pc it was played on or something? Or maybe its just cause its a beta etc. Hope it looks better and smoother come game day

  14. lol 2 full matches, thats what qualifies as beings a review!

  15. The learning curve on this game will be a lot larger than other battle royales where you just run around and shoot. At least they're going for a fighting style Battle Royale this time, to my knowledge there isn't another fighter battle royale.

  16. Yeah no thanks, not signing up for any Chinese developer, not being spied on by Winnie the pooh.

  17. What's next? League of legends Battle royale?

  18. This looks mediocre. And it's by a Chinese company. What could possibly go wrong?

  19. Animations are a bit long, but overall fun game💯

  20. if for honor , tenchu and samurai shodown had a baby .

  21. My main point with the comment was that "battle royal" for fighting games is not really a revolutionary thing like the video makes it out to be. It's been done before in powerstone.

  22. Hearing traditional and BR in the same sentence makes me feel old lol

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