My First Battle Royale Games went REALLY WELL... MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty -

My First Battle Royale Games went REALLY WELL… MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty

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My First Battle Royale Games went REALLY WELL… MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty

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Welcome to BengalPlays! On this channel I do other things besides what I do on my main channel that is dedicated to Madden NFL. If you’re interested in subscribing to my main channel the link is
and my twitch stream where I play games like Call of Duty is I hope you enjoyed what you watched and I will see you guys in the next one


  1. I just can’t get over the fact that he didn’t know who Eloy Jimenez was

  2. This wasn’t his first game his first game he lost 3-0 I watched his stream

  3. Why was the 91 Soler card better than the 99 Ortiz???


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  5. i’ve been waiting all day sense i can’t play until tmrw night, gotta love it

  6. The streams are hella entertaining especially with his friend and Ik they’re other youtubers

  7. Claim your “here before this channel gets big” ticket here

  8. Butter – It is too bad for you, but I like it on my Crab Legs – Bengal LOOL

  9. didnt know you collected cards bengal that’s sick. I sell boxes on IG. I have some of the new select NFL maybe I could hook you up with a blaster for free. I pulled a Burrow tricolor and Jefferson neon green field level out of my first box. They are so stacked.

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