MY 1ST FORTNITE VIDEO!! (Fortnite Battle Royale) -

MY 1ST FORTNITE VIDEO!! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Typical Gamer
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New Fortnite Battle Royale game mode with Typical Gamer! Thanks to Epic Games for sponsoring this video!
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Description of the new Fortnite Battle Royale mode: “It’s 100 players. One giant map. Put your building and combat skills to the test. The last commander standing wins. Hop in and take on your friends!”

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  1. 6 years later and this is recommended to me… TG has came so far keep it up my brotha

  2. Who got this in their recommendation in 2024?

  3. the fact that i have been watching since tg plays channel was made is crazy 6 years later

  4. this is an og play so every like I get is a vbuck to a random person!

  5. What is this blue liquid 💀💀

  6. Six years later you have came so far your the best

  7. So this is where it all started, You have come very far keep it up TG.

  8. TG has come so far, I've been a fan since this video. We never knew it as kids (if you were 7+ age back when this dropped) But this game would change gaming forever.

  9. chapter 5 season 2 is good but chapter 1 season 1 takes the cake for me

  10. my little brother is askin why you did this stream for one hour my anser was it wont be for f wording 10 hours 3

  11. whos here in 2024
    👇(not forcing)

  12. 7 years later to is nearly at 20 million subs

  13. Yoooo wassup people from the future 😂😂

  14. Why does the old graphics look better to me than what we have rn ? 💀💪✅

  15. Dang 6 years already, TG is still the same awesome and funny person❤

  16. Currently 2024! TG is still playing to this day and def better aim and building haha.

  17. Who's watching this in 2024
    I miss the old tg😊❤

  18. i remember begging my mom to subscribe to you when i was younger

  19. I can't believe it's been 6 years already.

  20. Ahh 6years later -2024 chapter 5 season 2 theirs avatar stuff

  21. There was no battle pass nor chapters when I first played.

  22. Bro just look at fortnite then no skins and different gliders

  23. Ninja was better on his first game this typical gamer is now to this day lmfaooo ninja is to good

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