MONK Vs SKELETON KING - Clash Royale Battle -

MONK Vs SKELETON KING – Clash Royale Battle

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Skeleton King versus Monk 1v1 ! Who is the best champion in clash royale? Clash Royale Challenge 534 ! Monk vs Skeleton King Game play 1 on 1 in Clash Royale Olympics.


  1. 5:20 why you didn't use the skeleton king ability ? this guy just wants skeleton king to lose. but he still won no thanks to you

  2. How tf is the resistance part supposed to be fair bro. The monk reflected the rocket

  3. You didn't used ability for monk in damage test! This is not fair!

  4. he judged in favor of skeleton king watch speed test when monk is halfway across the bridge and skeleton king is just stepping

  5. Монаху недалі іспользаватт ульту а кароль скелетов іспользавал вивад победіл монах

  6. If that was clash mini, giant skeleton 100% win

  7. It should have been 10 7 but w vid

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