Millionaire Wants to Set Up Real-Life Battle Royale on Private Island - IGN Now -

Millionaire Wants to Set Up Real-Life Battle Royale on Private Island – IGN Now

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An unnamed person with a ton of cash is looking to make games like Fortnite a real-life sport.

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  1. Make the ammo Tranquilizers that gives coma for a two days.

  2. Hollup…… Will they like…skydive into the battleground and enter random houses and pick up airsoft guns and sh%t??

    I jhus wanna see them skydive😁😁

  3. All the people just jump out a airplane with a parachute

  4. Hmmmm I guess everyone is just forgetting about the hunger games huh?

  5. I’m sure the “millionaire” is Elon Musk

  6. If the weapons are real guns, it's The First Purge version 2.

  7. Millionaire, battle royale, private island, guns*

    It's IRL Hunger Games and Purge!

    I swear one day it's gonna be extreme!

  8. Every sience fortnite came out i wanted to get an island and get real guns hoever wins get 1,000,000

  9. Isn’t life already a battle royal? You get one life? 🤣

  10. I feel like this is going to be a government experiment where there is real casualties if someone gets shot

  11. That man would be playerunknown's son

  12. I thought it was a sadistic rich guy wanting people to fight to the death.

  13. I’m gonna give bath salts to 100 to turn them into zombies and then I’m gonna kill them all…🧟‍♂️👍

  14. What do you mean they aren’t gonna parachute down a flying vehicle nor brutally murder people?

  15. Will they actually be skydiving? If so that would be INSANE

  16. Am still waiting for updated. I want to participate

  17. the unnamed millionaire is MR BEAST and the champion where Preston unspeakable and typical gamer

  18. I’m pretty sure they’ve already done this probably on blk market

  19. I wanna be part of it, I am sick of Fortnite and kids building an entire nation whenever they hear a gunfire.

  20. everybody gangsta til Kazuo Kiriyama
    enters the match

    hes from a movie called battle royale

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