LARGEST MODDED BATTLE ROYALE YET!!! - Jurassic World Evolution | HD -

LARGEST MODDED BATTLE ROYALE YET!!! – Jurassic World Evolution | HD

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It’s about that time again to wage another giant battle royale! Including all of the newest modded dinosaurs

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Jurassic World Evolution allows you to create your own dinosaur island. Create all the dinosaurs you want from the film franchises and even ones never seen before. Build your parks on the five islands, taking on contracts and progressing the story to keep expanding your parks.



  1. Let's be honest tho
    DOT-001 AKA "DRACODENTITAN" AKA "The hypo sucho looking thing" or "The spino looking thing" which beaver gave as a nickname was the real MVP soilder cause we saw it fight multiple opponent's than the other's and win while getting multiple kill's it could have even killed the indominus rex if it had more health and would be the champion and legend of the battlefield with multiple kill's and no loss….. That "thing" is the real legend of all dinosaur's ….
    it's the real deal …..

  2. Why is it that I always love these battle royal. But I do love them

  3. acrocanthosaurus and charcharodontosaurus are two monster carnivores that make the Rex and Giga look meh. Games like Ark and Jurassic World (both movies and games) should add them.

  4. The gaming beaver is a very good boy he has a good dog

  5. It feels so good to know a dinosaur before beaver

  6. No it doesn’t mean Godzilla lizard?

  7. Every time you play this game I wanna play for my dinosaurs

  8. Interesting seeing Tyrannotitan using a headbutt attack, probably because it is using Acrocanthosaurus animations. Also never expected Stegosaurus to get so much respect. By the way, Saurophaganax is a real dinosaur, and never had poison.

  9. i havent wached his videos in a long time
    and im a boy

  10. its just that i use my moms thing on yutube

  11. 36 Janelle Street for my Merch if I can some please

  12. What dinosaur was made with the big mososaur? Not the one with the Acranthosaurus the bigger one.

  13. i like at the end how beaver show one minute its alive next minute indomius rex finishing it

  14. Indominus rex = the best killing machine to use

  15. The torasaurus is based of a ravanger from Minecraft

  16. I can’t believe there’s a Ravager from Minecraft is in the battle

  17. 8:26 You said that the pterygotus is a cephalopod well then your wrong it's actually an arthopod the worlds largest known arthopod for that matter. So no it's not jurassic world evolutions first cephalopod it's actually it's first but largest known arthopod.

  18. Beaver: Their it is The THICC PARA YOU THINK THIS IS BIG OH LORD
    Me: Oh that’s just BIG CHUNGUS

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