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KvleOfficial’s Best Battle Royale Tips & Tricks | Call of Duty®: Mobile Player Content Series

Call of Duty: Mobile
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We invited Kvleofficial Gaming on our channel to share his top tips for becoming a Battle Royale champion! To jump to specific tips, you can navigate to different parts of the video with the timestamp links below:
0:00 – Intro
0:26 – Hot Drop Tips
1:26 – Surviving Aerial Platform
3:48 – Using Cover
6:00 – Conquering Height
8:35 – Champion Mentality
10:26 – Practice

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  1. I hope Codm add Lean like the Warzone it will be more challenging when they add the Lean Controls

  2. These are some tips from me too
    -Make sure your phone is in better condition clear all background apps and cache and don't play while battery being low
    (There should be no lag while playing)
    -Ping should be 60 atleast
    – use low graphics and highest frame rate your phone offers to avoid heating issue which again affects performance
    -wash your hands and apply sum talc on fingers or use finger sleeves so that there should be less friction between your fingers and phone screen also make sure to clean up the phone screen

  3. I'm just gonna ignore the tips on where to land cuz my phone literally freezes if and enemy pops up when it stops I'm dead

  4. No one can teach it better than narco

  5. this dude is really trying to kill us all!!!

  6. Hope we see the legend next, Narco : the ghost

  7. he missed the most important things… a good phone and internet

  8. Iferg have more subs than cod mobile official channel

  9. "Don't interrupt your enemy if he is doing a mistake"

  10. All of these so called pro br players but they don't even play fpp

  11. If you want the best tricks and tips go to Narco's channel
    CODM just hates Narco cos he's always pointing bugs

  12. Pink sweater wearing bearded guy 😅😅😅🤣.Nice one Kyle

  13. Hard to believe as much money Activision makes you don't fix the bugs or optimize the game.

  14. If your in the gunfight, try to j8ggle and make unpredictable move, but lock your aim on the enemy (track)

  15. COD mobile becomes a unplayable and boring game overall

  16. Kyle’s dope. What I don’t understand is why CoD doesn’t support Parker. He’s the most captivating player in CoD. They should also support Narco. He’s not the most captivating personality wise, his voice over announcer is though, and he’s the most skilled CoD YouTuber. It’s impossible to watch them and not want to play, watching the players they support, like that idiot Bobby Plays just makes you want to watch a different video.

  17. Cannot feel characters until you add real voices of Richtofin and Nekolai

  18. Bro, thnks for the tips. This was very helpful for me

  19. can you teach me some setting in cod battle royal. very happy if you see and teach me somethings. thanks alot

  20. You know that I'm actually a really good player

  21. Yo.u should add me Austingrotton maybe we can play free for all or br

  22. Is Kvle jesus now cuz his beard looks liek Jesus's beard he's just black

  23. Yaaakkkk 😵 WORST UGLIEST thumbnail and face….ive never seen a face like that I don't have words to describe that shit

  24. I only play BR solos and I most of the time land in none orange zones as I know when I get there I can third party some fights and take there’s or grab a vehicle and go grab my load out 👍🏻 I do play with friends in pubs ranking up weapons and getting gold camos but BR will usually be me alone as I know if I feck up it’s my own fault and not a team mate that thinks he can take on the whole server when he’s skill level is so bad …. Anyway nice vid great tips but don’t think because u landed elsewhere there’s no loot there’s always a gun and a few plates knocking around everywhere you go and remember loot every one and everything and take all the ammo u can carry even if u ain’t using it because it takes it off others well in solos if you play teams then give it away it’s all a game remember not real life so have fun don’t stress and finish your battle pass ppl think u need to buy one every season a good tip would be finish ur pass buy it once and the lvl 50 tier will pay for your next BP in COD points for free or you can be like me and go broke buying crates for sprays stickers and emblems 🙄 that’s my luck anyway lol take care have fun everyone and merry Christmas put your Xmas 🎄 camos on in game

  25. Will you do a video with settings for br please?

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