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June ‘Hunger Games’ Album Battle Royale!

Bob the Poppop
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  1. out of all the ways it could lose, “by the time i get to phoenix” tries to leave the damn arena. i am way too upset over this lol. it is honestly the saddest soundscape i’ve ever heard.

  2. I'm just glad to see you trying random ways to help pick albums. It's very fun to watch the process.

  3. Man I love how unique ur channel is, u do things that have never been done. U do it ur own way, ur not the trend seeker, ur the trend setter 💯🙏

  4. I loved this!! At some point in the future I (and hopefully others) would love to see you react to some bad albums. I think it would be interesting to watch, some suggestions would be anything by Gunna, COADM by Logic, Cory Feldmen etc

  5. Hoping you react to Bottomless Pit sometime in the future 🙏🏽 out of all of Death Grips’ albums, i think that’s the one you’ll love the most on a first listen. Very punk rock/metal vibes

  6. If I don’t get a By The Time I Get to Phoenix reaction soon I’m going to commit a federal crime

  7. pls listen to more SZA and Gambino 🤍🥺

  8. please consider adding N*E"R*D – in Search Of in the next royale 🙏🙏

    I'm happy with the outcome tbh, but was rooting for Mos Def

  9. Death Grips questioning their sanity is extremely on brand

  10. When you get the chance, please react to Blueprint.. it’s such a good album. A lot of people might say it’s overrated, but it’s worth a listen and The Black Album as well. Especially considering The Blueprint released on September 11th 2001 making it somewhat controversial as well. Thanks love the videos brother! ❤️

  11. Definitely consider putting Daytona in the next hunger games!

  12. I need the ctrl, care for me, and black on both sides reactions asap my guy 😂😂

  13. Lol wow that hurt lmao Mos Def, Mf Doom, and Tribe called quest all gone. Doom is an honorable man letting Mos Def win after defeating him in a rap battle !!

  14. Definitely find time to dive into Tribe Called Quest when you get the chance…they have the biggest "family tree" of influence in hip hop!

  15. Man you should do DMX, a lot of rock fans who don’t like rap still love DMX. He’s got love everywhere, plus his energy is unmatched. It’s dark and hell is hot is such a great album with no skips.

  16. Very cool! Hope you enjoy the winner and their other projects.

  17. Yeah there's definitely something wrong with the simulation. Used your code on my computer and also got the same result

  18. I’ve been waiting patiently for Astroworld since November, and i will continue to. I am sure that one day you will do it! Still excited for Doris, Earl is hella talented and definitely deserves a reaction

  19. I cried at the outcome of the simulation, I was praying for Doris, and it won lol I'm so happy, happy tears.

  20. Yo Bob definitely listen to the first injury reserve album first. This newest one is pretty out there.


    Isaiah Rashad – Cilvia Demo waiting room

  21. E is a masterpiece and you should immediately react to it. im confident that it will blow your mind.

  22. (prewatch) cheering for bottomless pit, black on both sides, and Doris. Cheers folks 💂‍♂️☕

  23. I’d love to see bobs reaction to Barter 6 Fr, it’s a trap classic

  24. Juice wrld and uzi in the next one please 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  25. You sound also look into the album let the sun talk by MAVI he's a great experimental artist that I think you would enjoy

  26. Super excited for Doris. Earl is one of the most talented lyricists on the planet and was massively inspired by DOOM

  27. I see you have battle net, which games do you play?

  28. So sad to see Care for Me get eliminated:((((

  29. i am almost definitely in the minority here, and im not entirely certain on whats happening but im rooting for bottomless pit

  30. i cant wait for bob to react to yeat and go insane

  31. bob id loveee if you reacted to the album 17 by xxxtentacion

  32. also you have to do birds in the trap before astroworld for travis

  33. I am 100 percent sure you'll enjoy Astroworld the whole album 🔥

  34. holy shit I'm so happy. I wanted doris to win so bad 😭😭

  35. It’s dark and hell is hot would be a great video!

  36. U should set up a Royal rumble match on WWE 2k. With each wrestler as the artist with the album. (The Weeknd, Jay Z etc) Let the computer play through the match and the winner of the match is the artist with the album you’re gonna listen to


  38. Birds in the trap sing MCknight smokes Astroworld ashes

  39. damn i wanted that care for me reaction for my birthday tufffff im glad i saw him getting love in the chat tho

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