Indus Battle Royale Trailer | First Look -

Indus Battle Royale Trailer | First Look

Indus Game
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DISCLAIMER: Everything in this trailer is WORK-IN-PROGRESS and NOT REPRESENTATIVE of the final game.

Presenting #IndusGame – a free-to-play battle royale crafted in 🇮🇳, for the 🌎.
You are a Mythwalker. A hired gun, an adventurer, a blank slate. A thirst for the unknown has you diving headfirst onto the planet Indus for COVEN, an interstellar criminal syndicate.
Indus is a mystery to most space-faring races, a lost planet home to an ancient
civilization, floating islands, and bizarre phenomena. Faint whispers of Indus’ limitless Cosmium — a life-changing natural wealth has drawn the attention of COVEN, looking to harvest it for material gain.

And that’s where you come in. After all, Mythwalkers have a healthy obsession with glory, fame, and a distinct lack of self-preservation.

What is Indus?

Indus is a battle royale set in an Indo-Futuristic setting. The game features you, the player, as a Mythwalker working for a interstellar crime syndicate called COVEN. The future of the galaxy depends on you, a blank slate sent to Indus on behalf of the COVEN.

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  1. I wish this game create a history in Indian gaming market on international level.

  2. Ye thoda ra one movie se match ho raha hai

  3. Bhai kab launch hoga
    I like game is future tech

  4. vai kon kon es game me live ana chater hai

  5. Let’s GOO I can’t wait to play this 🔥🔥🔥🤘

  6. Devolepers please say ot will support 4gb pone or not please

  7. Aesi game banana jisko kisi ne ek bar khel liya na wo pubg jaisi games ko sidha uninstall karde.

  8. I hope faug jaise hag na de … Best of luck guys

  9. Excellent job Indus Game team and congratulations to all team members

  10. Nice Trailer but not cheat like FAU- G
    Please understand the emotions of gamer

  11. 1:04 That totally looks like Lord Ganesha's look, ngl 👏🏼🎉😳
    And the gun animation 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  12. faug ke jaisa mat kaatna bhot umeedein hai

  13. I think it will not compete apex legends But I hope i will wrong Les see 😉

  14. I have a high expectations from this game….

  15. Jab Indian game hai to hindi me aap log bataya Karo Naa , har kuch Indian based hona chahiye….to language English kyu ?

  16. Make it better then other battle royal game man . I have good expectations from you guys .

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