Incredible New Battle Royale Game Free on PS Plus! - Hunters Arena: Legends -

Incredible New Battle Royale Game Free on PS Plus! – Hunters Arena: Legends

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Hunters Arena: Legends is an amazing new Battle Royale game that is on Steam and free on PS Plus on PS4 and PS5 in August. It’s a melee-focused battle royale with some mechanics from fighting games and MOBAs and it is incredible to play. I’m genuinely amazed at how good it is. Check out some gameplay and my thoughts in this video then go check me out livestreaming it on Twitch!

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  1. You and all the other top players in the community should organize a player blackout august 12th in protest of the lack of anti cheat on warzone. trying to get the entire community to not play cod the entire weekend, not buy a single thing and everyone just play apex for the weekend

  2. Don’t let this guy fool you, game is pretty bad. I feel like I’m playing black desert when I play it, clunky button masher battle royale. & before anyone tells me I suck, I already won 3 games in the 2 hours I played.

  3. I saw a few videos saying that game was really good, so I went ahead and downloaded it, and I can honestly say that it's pretty awful. Super clunky controls. Terrible camera. Broken as all hell. It plays very much like a Steam Early access title that was made by only a few people. I'm sure plenty of people will have fun with it, but compared to how the trailers make it look, it honestly is a clunky mess.

  4. Guys am I the only one that doesnt know how to leave games or is it simply not possible?

  5. I was right. Mantisco is a korean company and this game has the stink of a korean mmo grindfest

  6. Honestly this game even free not worth it for me. The micros are unbelievable,gameplay is meh. I downloaded Naruto shinobi striker free version had more fun.

  7. LMAO are they charging for this game with those drop in animations?

  8. Straight to the library never to seen or played

  9. I downloaded this last night and played roughly 10 games. Fun mechanics and concept, though the performance on ps4 is sometimes abysmal. Constant frame drops and server spikes even on LAN. The characters themselves are all unique and interesting but unlocking any cosmetics for them requires an insane amount of grinding for Soul Points (the v buck equivalent in this game) or purchasing them directly.
    To give you an idea of how much grinding is required, an average 15 minute game with decent placement gives you anywhere from 100-300SP, whereas each cosmetic costs anywhere from 10k-30kSP.
    Besides that I had a lot of fun playing Momo (best character for beginners imo) and can’t wait to see where this game goes now it has finally launched 🙂

  10. This game will see players this week to a month to see wat its about. Most mmo players r not into BR. Mmo is about the story ,leveling and grinding gear not losing it. When Sony announced the psn games 90% of people wanted to play plants vs zombies. This game cant compete with D3 and POE and they both released new seasons

  11. I'm gonna try it on PS4 first. If fun, I'll buy it on steam for my PC too.

  12. So are you not able to party up with friends on a different platform to you?

  13. imo making this a BR was a mistake Already in my matches im getting constantly ganked by 3rd and 4th parties however unlike apex or pubg you cant really escape people in this game

  14. Probably the first Battle Royale game I like. Dynasty Warriors + Battle Royale + a MOBA(considering the lvl ups). But why have ranged characters in this?

    Nevermind, fuck this game. The cowards running & hiding, teammates not sticking together & the damn Trio mode sometimes sticking me with one teammate screw the game's concept. My patience for this ran out quick because Im sick of bs like enemies running away.

  15. on pc this game is great! on ps4 its janky af.. super slow camera speed. multiple buttons to perform a single move. the ingame audio is poor. you dont hear enemy players coming untill there right on top of you. and because of the slow camera turn speed your pretty much dead before you can even react. crossplay pc players will run ring around you.. literally!! aint played it on ps5. but in all seriousness. I cant imagine the UX being much better. it will definately look amazing .. if you have a gaming pc? play it there! the user experience will be much better.. btw i was playing on a ps4 pro with a pair of Astro A40s.

  16. I’m playing this rn and the controls are a bit laggy

  17. Im realy surprise about this game,in the good way

  18. This game is already dead on pc, couldn’t care less.

  19. "Incredible"?? is an alpha game… trash. kkkkkkkkk

  20. Looks like a souls player’s paradise 😂

  21. I always hate every battle royal game but this one i like 👍🏻

  22. Why do games like this have the smallest UI, makes it so hard to read like the ascent on Xbox. Can it be increased at least?

  23. I’ve never played fighting games very much so I kinda really suck! This is gonna be really difficult to figure out for me lol

  24. Really not a good game, fighting is clunky. The tutorial is horrible. The level system is weird since you have most abilities at the beginning, but have to wait for your super… the combat is weak, especially if you get comboed by 3 people.

  25. I thought this game was mmorpg but BR? It looks cool but other then that, no thanks

  26. Saw this in the PlayStation store, thought it was just a mmo, then heard the words battle royale and I got extremely interested. And battle royales are my least favorite kinda multiplayer games. Apex legends is really the only one I enjoyed and I got burned tf out on that game. Definitely trying this out

  27. Bro the female characters finna make me act up and they know what there're doing since they added a twerk and a 02 emote🤣

  28. The balancing on the long range characters is absolutely absurd.

  29. Tried it and loved it! Thank you for recommending this gem

  30. I just really hope this game becomes big and doesn't die. Like ur never gonna see a game like this. It literally shows ur rank.

  31. Paid game and locked characters on the get go behind huge grinds or real money. Amazing game indeed :/

  32. This shouldn't have been made into a BR. It's dead on arrival

  33. Is there something like character customization in the game as well

  34. This game is actually garbage. the melee characters are completely worthless against range characters (faster attacks, knock back,more damage per hit, shorter cooldowns, more mobility, stronger abilities. the list goes on and on. balance is trash

  35. First of all what's with the dumbest of controls? Hold L1+Triangle, press square while holding R3+L1. No one is going to remember how to play this game. 2nd of all what's with the no escape while your being hit like your stuck in one spot until the enemy kills u. I played it for 10 minutes had 1 match fuck this shitty game. Deleted "Incredible" that's just what they say when they're getting something in return

  36. This is the first battle Royale that could double as a MOBA 🤔

  37. This game is fuccin terrible please take out range they make it not fun at all

  38. The game is unplayable on ps4 today its upsetting

  39. Lmfao this is obviously sponsored the game is pure dog chit, super deep combat and combos? Yeah square square square square square square square square yep that's real deep combat stfu you clown.

    The controls are horrible
    A lot of strategy yep again square square square square square
    Frame rate is trash

    The number of people playing is there? Lmfao it's all time have on steam for past year was 14 players stop talking out of your ass

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