Incredible New Battle Royale Game Free on PS Plus! - Hunters Arena: Legends -

Incredible New Battle Royale Game Free on PS Plus! – Hunters Arena: Legends

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Hunters Arena: Legends is an amazing new Battle Royale game that is on Steam and free on PS Plus on PS4 and PS5 in August. It’s a melee-focused battle royale with some mechanics from fighting games and MOBAs and it is incredible to play. I’m genuinely amazed at how good it is. Check out some gameplay and my thoughts in this video then go check me out livestreaming it on Twitch!

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  1. The game is unplayable on ps4 today its upsetting

  2. Lmfao this is obviously sponsored the game is pure dog chit, super deep combat and combos? Yeah square square square square square square square square yep that's real deep combat stfu you clown.

    The controls are horrible
    A lot of strategy yep again square square square square square
    Frame rate is trash

    The number of people playing is there? Lmfao it's all time have on steam for past year was 14 players stop talking out of your ass

  3. This game is kind of ass tbh, button presses feel delayed, moves don't seem to work, you can't really escape from enemies, leveling up stats feels hella one sided, there's no real combo flow or depth and the moves themselves just don't feel good to use. On paper this game should work but it just feels like a lazy game with no effort or thought put into it. Terrible production values, music, everything just feels so bargain bin and lackluster, I tried but this game sucks ass. At least I got it free.

  4. Now you guys know this game is ass.. stop the cap

  5. Are those reviews paid for or what?
    It has to be one of the worst game I've played in a while. Really unpolished, movement is slow and clunky (the characters are sliding and feel like they're running on a treadmill all the time), combat is terrible, sound design is some of the worst I've heard in years,…

    The concept is cool and it's nice to see a different Battle Royale, but the execution is terrible.

  6. Tell me you’re paid to review something without telling me you’re paid to review something

  7. Paragon broke my heart but this game might finally help me move

  8. If you guys play smite it’s similar with the combos and cool downs, looks good can’t wait to try

  9. My favorite game of last gen was anarchy reigns from platinum games. I was not able to play it throughout this entire console life span. I think this will fill the bill.

  10. Anyone have any recommendations for the NA sever issues I keep getting drop from the server

  11. Eastern mmorpg it’s really good y’all would love it if they made that into actual mmorpg game, but ngl still like it even it’s br

  12. This looks like NARAKA for PC that game was BR and nextgen game it had incredible mechanics

  13. Whats with battle royale ? Its all the same shit different skin .boring

  14. I couldn't notice anything but it looks like those phone game ads that talk about "10000000000000 battle power wow so big get code become strong" got that vibe when I killed the boss of the tutorial and it told me "decimate"

  15. Looks terrible and just a novelty to start with, would get really tiresome and have a short shelf life

  16. Anyone else notice the engine looks oddly similar to the Demon’s Souls remake? O_o

  17. I've been playing this game for the past few days and I'm hooked. I get my a** kicked a lot but I also pull off some great victories. Definitely gonna spend many, many hours playing this game.

  18. I've been playing Apex Legends since launch and this is an interesting twist on the genre, the controls dont feel intuitive but it will takes some getting used to.

    I had no idea what kind of games this was when I got it from PS+ but I'll give it a fair go and see if I can get better. I have trouble getting out of combos and I dont know how to heal without one of the green statue things.

  19. I was going to try it, but after hearing there's crossplay (which sounds forced), I won't. I don't know why companies think it's a good idea to mix PC with consoles. PCs have a massive advantage, especially in games like this.

    I have a PC, but I'm on PS4 to play with friends. I know the advantages of PC. Most people don't want forced cross play. Fortnite players have been asking for it to removed for over a year now. Keyboars/mouse have a huge advantage and if I'm on console. I want to sit back and play with a controller, not hook my keyboard up lol. Even if you do, it definitely doesn't feel the same.

  20. I'm downloading rn for free tryna watch videos on wtf I'm downloading 😂 i wish RuneScape would make a comeback 😭

  21. 16 quid = $22.14??
    I wouldnt pay $20 for this game and I'm on playstation, lol.
    Why would PC gamers pay knowing console gamers get it for free.

  22. I started installing and looked it up on YouTube and this is the video I saw this was very helpful and I will sub because you did really good on this video

  23. Oh man I can't wait to get off work so I can try this game o.o. Thanks for this video !
    Keep up the good work ! 😀

    Edit:. Tried the game. Excellent and lot of fun. But damn I'm bad at it. 0 kills on players so far… 🤣

  24. See this vid then seeing 72 people playing on steam.

  25. I just noticed this game I might give it a try

  26. bro check out Naraka: Blade point it’s this but with MOVEMENT AND PARKOUR ON 1000/10 it’s insane

  27. Seeing that a fighting BR is possible makes me want to see a TEKKEN/STREET FIGHTER/ DOA BR

  28. I'm guessing you probably most run into PS players since looking at Steam stats the game is deader than dead. Recently started playing Naraka but also grabbed this on ps5 as i didn't want to spend the $20.

  29. Granted the BR aspect kinda disinterested me (cuz fortnit) and the controls are clunky but now that I've tried it I'm hooked and the emotes are awsome! I hope the dame doesn't die.

  30. You have to grind to play coins I played for a week and I still needed to spend 7$ to unlock wukong

  31. This game is incredible dead now… I wait like a whole day now and Still didnt find a Simple one game to Play matchmakin Takes forever without any results :/

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