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If Water Fights Were Like Battle Royales 2

Shiloh & Bros
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A summer 2022 day with super soakers, water blasters, an inflatable water park and some surprises 
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  1. bella was trying to blast judah
    and judah did make ball
    but bella did not make the ball

  2. Ranking teams by when they got out.
    1st green
    2nd blue
    3rd orange
    4th pink
    5th purple
    6th cyan
    7th yellow
    8th red
    9th grey


  4. Josiah suluted with his left hand, which means f u

  5. What if im the last team remaining and then I , you know… Sit down?

  6. Elijah modify otherwise I'm gonna answer Scribe unsubscribe

  7. Juda Juda Juda will win this I love Juda he is my favourite

  8. you should ban yellow and cyan because there cheating

  9. It was like judah said to Britney DO A BACKFLIP and she was like ok!

  10. that funny part that made me laugh was when judah was a bush and said hehe

  11. Why do the storm people water a water park like bruh

  12. Andrew Vines Shop 2 Opera Quays Auction English says:

    Dawson was selfish

  13. Andrew Vines Shop 2 Opera Quays Auction English says:

    Can you make Elijah to win one by himself

  14. Shiloh : That punch made her frightened
    That’s why her mum call me Mike Tyson 😊

  15. 0:02 I Like how this guy in gray was doing GREEDY 💀 ☠ 💀 ☠

  16. I liked it when Michael said you can always trust your mum

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