I Tried Indus: Battle Royale At IGDC 😱 | Indus: Battle Royale Exclusive Gameplay, Esports, New Hero - mini-play.net

I Tried Indus: Battle Royale At IGDC 😱 | Indus: Battle Royale Exclusive Gameplay, Esports, New Hero

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In this video, we share our experience of trying out the Indus: Battle Royale and share its latest updates including closed beta, new hero, esports playtest & more.

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00:00 I Tried Indus
00:30 Indus Booth
00:58 Gameplay Build
01:41 Gameplay Reaction
02:41 Super Gaming CEO Reaction
04:51 Things Which Were Missing
05:12 Closed Beta
05:25 Similar to Apex Legends
06:41 Esports Invitational Tournament
07:18 New Agent
07:44 Outro

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  1. Lagta He Devs Logo Ne Khud Hi Khelne K Liye Banaya He.😄😄😄

  2. Lite farlight84 version indus😂😂😂😂

  3. Ek din mera bhi comment viral hoga 😢

  4. Characters koh ability dene koh boldo bhai🙏❤️❤️

  5. why no one talking about that dogshit movment? im so angry on this they need to improve movment

  6. Kaya fayda koi nahi khelna wala, sab log bas pubgm koi khelna pasand karta hay. Codm Apex itna accha games nahi chala. 😢

  7. Many people like telling around don't call it a copy of Apex Legends, it's stupidity to ask don't call it a copy as it's obviously a full copy of Apex Legends…changing themes and other stuff don't make Indus a new concept game…they shouldn't have use the concept of "futuristic" instead of a ancient theme with ancient secret weapons like guns etc and those got extinct in todays world.

  8. Aay haay ! Ye English 😢
    Yarr Hindi language bhi h 😣

  9. Last win raider six game sem or farlight 84 ki Copy

  10. Sir ye Ap store ni aaya h

  11. I have a question just like bgmi have also gyroscope but some device didn't support gyroscope then we face scope problems and Indus have also gyroscope then we face problems just like bgmi

  12. I am a call of duty mobile YouTuber and player and i am very exited to play indus we are proud as a Indian 🇮🇳🇮🇳 jai hind ❤

  13. Kya Matlab mai Apex khelta hu toh Thora biased Baan gaya apex ki Taraf 😏

  14. I Proud Ki Mai Indus Battle Royale Ka Youtuber Hu❤❤❤

  15. Another example of Indian industry copying other country this is a problem of India
    With every type of company
    When India will make something their own close to their culture don't know

    Aur Bhai yeh game banana bhi koi mushkil nahi ishi liye to aise game zayada bante hai sab kuch game engine mai bana banaya milta hai just drag drop that's it

  16. I think the game is "over-rated". In comparison to the competition the game looks bland and boring.

  17. Game is next level I'm waiting for this game ❤

  18. Bro game Aya nahi toh log khel kese chuke h or character kiske liye lauch ho rahe h

  19. Maynay 1 sal say register kr rakha hai

  20. Bro bas video bnao 😢 indus to ahi nahi raha

  21. Game a chuka hai ? To Play Store pe download kyu nahi ho taha ?



  24. India ka Hain bs itna kafi Hain , jam ke support Karo , Jai hind 🇮🇳

  25. farlight acha game hai is se iska game mechanics pasad ni aaya mujhe apex ka koi compared nahi hai logon ne game ki ijjat ni ki wo baat alag hai

  26. This might just be me but isn't like indus copying farlight 84?
    Like the hover bike is a direct ripoff of the bike from farlight 84

  27. Bro har character ki, apni alag power honi chahiye like Farlight 84 ki tarah nhi komjor player survive nhi kar payenge last zone main

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