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Hew Moran
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  1. This is exactly what i did. I quot gaming 😅

  2. You miss it but don’t even call it the right game lol it’s called Fortnite

  3. Bruh first deadlox was a simp for pokimane now hewmoran is the new deadlox

  4. You got more than 300k likes so it means u don’t have to do it

  5. Yep your not getting your girlfriend 💀💀💀

  6. Bro I haven't played fortnite in two months and it started getting childish for me even though your clearly more older than me, I chose cod instead.😂💀

  7. bro expected 300,000
    We gave him 2000,000💀

  8. Isn't this like the same video the discord mod guy made??????

  9. I'm just downloading the update… its taking so long I'm about to loose my mind

  10. I have t played in 3 months, I sold my console, and now I want to buy another one

  11. Bro you play Fortnite everyday but you can’t write Fortnite

  12. Damn bro… it's been prolly over a year I haven't touched fortnite

  13. What I have it been able to get off fortnight in days bro getting on Fortnite for seven days is crazy😮

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