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I played every single Battle Royale Game in one video…

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I guess you guys can call me a Battle Royale Expert now.

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Hey guys! In this video i went and played every single Battle Royale game lol. I installed 32 battle royale games but only got around to 5. I will be making a part two to this for sure to finish the rest of the games.

►The Battle Royales I installed:
Apex Legends
Darwin Project
PUBG (PLAYER UNKOWN BATTLEGROUNDS) not the mobile gameplay. (PC)
Creative Destruction
Realm Royale
Islands of Nyne
Black Survival
Cuisne Royale
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare (But Battle royale isnt out yet. i installed it anyways)
H1Z1 (Z1 Battle Royale)
The Culling
Rules of Survival
Ring of elysium
Radical Height
Stand Out VR Battle Royale
Battle Lands Royale

These are just some of the games i downloaded, ill be making a series out of this so i hope you enjoy!


  1. 1:25 I miss playing that with my homies in 2017 as my first BR

  2. H1Z1’s developer Brandon Greene made pubg so that’s why that game gave you pubg vibes

  3. No cap i always play creative destruction

  4. This man really was really taking out his crowbar

  5. You noob in pubg real bad bro🤣🤣🤣

  6. Where the fuck is free fire man it has 1B downloads

  7. just you know with B is chaging the fire mode
    and my favorite and best game is pubg

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