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I Played Clash Royale for the First Time in 4 Years!

Judo Sloth Gaming
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Logging into Clash Royale for the First Time in 4 Years! Judo Sloth Gaming explores numerous Clash Royale Updates all at once in this special episode returning to the game. Lots of Chests to Unlock, Cards to Explore and Battles to be Won! Be sure to let me know if you enjoy this one and maybe we can bring occasional Clash Royale videos in the future. Clash On!

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  1. When a clash of clan main plays clash royale:

  2. Judo when the card is rainbow that’s when a legendary is coming

  3. Do hog 2.6
    Hog rider, ice spirit,ice golem,cannon,skeletons,log,muskutier

  4. Judo putting barbs and archers on a valk makes me cry

  5. 2:45 Lol he gets excited over an ice wizard when he doesn’t realize it sucks

  6. Use a pekka and zap to deafeat skeleton army

  7. i hate to break it to you but they were bots

  8. I miss the old clash royale 😭😭😭
    Old three fire spirit 😭😭😭
    Old deck picture 😭😭😭😭

  9. Go easy on me judo said guesses literally everything right

  10. Ahh it hurts when i see him put the giant on defense

  11. It so old and golem was in barrbarian bowl?!?!?

  12. First person in a while who's happy to get an ice wizard 😂

  13. I play clash Royal for 5 years n i am now level 13 and with Max troops

  14. I actually hate clash royale. It's a hacker game

  15. Use Tesla it’s a really good defence cards (things that only attack building will go to it-any other card as well)

  16. Judo: Nothing to counter baby dragon. Minion horde: …..

  17. He had nothing to defend the baby dragon…. only A MINION HORDE

  18. You know to get a legendary when the 1 in the top left of the chest is shining

  19. when judo realizes he was playing bots this whole time

  20. Judo opens cannon
    Also Judo: Oh nice cannon cart, i guess in CR its called just cannon

  21. Him:”he’s got a baby dragon I cannot defend it”
    Me:”minion horde you have five elixer for it”

  22. I like the fact he is so excited beating a bot no offensive

  23. I'm surprised he didn't even get to spooky town.. It sure is spooky in there, if you're in it you know what I mean..

  24. he played a bot in the first game and he was so happy when he won!

  25. If you want Judo Sloth someday you can add me on clash Royale and I can tell you
    Some stuff and teach you about stuff in clash royale. Just let me know my username is Musketeer in clash royale and in arena 15 🙂

  26. its only a legendary if the card glows lol

  27. My Subscribers voted and here it is, the video I recorded for Royale a few months back and never released. Enjoy

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