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I Hate Battle Royale’s…

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Okay i dont hate them but there’s days where i dont feel like touching them. Battle Royale Games in my opinion are the most entertaining Gaming Genre right now BUT a lot of the current BR games are just repetitive and stale.

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Hey everyone, Today was just one of those day’s where we played Warzone Plunder. I had the option of playing fortnite battle royale, Apex Legends, or even PUBG. But i wanted to play COD instead.


  1. Yooo what's that song you used before the end the piano one

  2. 😂😂😂 why u try to snipe him in the wide open while u getting shot at im dying so hard I have to subscribe hahahha

  3. Pubg is the only battle royale that got a lot of maps

  4. Nobody:

    Captions: Im About To Send Nudes To The Gulag Left To Right


  5. Battlefield 6 needs to be released soon to save us from mediocre FPS games.

  6. I played warzone for like 10 minutes and uninstalled it right after
    What a boring game!

  7. If you want a good fps game, go play titanfall 2

  8. Battle royales are pretty boring imo. If you have the patience for it. I just end up running around collecting a bunch of items, only to have 2 or 3 actual gunfights…Like for instance Warzone is pretty boring to me compared to say, team deathmatch. It really just all comes down to personal preference tho

  9. title: I hate battle royals
    this guy: plays battle royal for that 10 minute mark

  10. I hate battle royale games and never understood the craze. Just a huge world of campers. I find it too stressful.

  11. Battle Royales have royally fucked gaming as we knew it. I miss the arcade shooter/TDM days — less people playing other shit means less variety when there’s less of a demand for other types of games. Everyone’s just sticking to these shitty BRs and feeding into the micro transactions — so then even the few games that aren’t BRs these days are trying to milk us for all they can get.

    Also, I’ve never been more bored in any type of game. People play like bitches because of the fear of dying and no longer being in the game. Also, they’re hard to improve at without having serious time on your hands because of the slower combat.

    Most the BRs I’ve played go —
    -Walk around for 15 minutes looking for shit I’ll lose in 30 seconds
    – wait in a house for for 20 minutes to have a no-life neck beard rush in and kill me.

    I got no chicken dinners, HATED Fortnite, Hated Apex, COD did it best but it’s still a BR.

  12. 'its the only Game You can respawn and comeback' hurt My soul

  13. It's days like these where i wake up and dont know what to play on the channel. We have been playing a lot of BR so lemme know what other games you wanna see me play besides what we already do on the channel.

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