How to Use Goblin Giant | Clash Royale 🍊 -

How to Use Goblin Giant | Clash Royale 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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Tech video on how to use and defend against the Giant Goblin! He’s not all that bad and has a lot of potential in certain archetypes. He potentially works VERY well with Graveyard due to the fact that he can tank and eliminate smaller swarm units like bats. The mechanic is very different but I think it’s a great.

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  1. Who would win, a giant massive goblin with two tiny allies
    some bony bois

  2. Left alone, he will take out your tower

  3. Who needs BIG mama P.E.K.K.A
    And Giant goblin,we need giant giant

  4. My Singing Monsters gamer boy!! cool game says:

    What is the PEKKA

  5. Who else doesn’t need the tips but just watches this for fun?

  6. Favourite giant, that and skeleton giant. Least favourite is bowler lol

  7. What if there was a chance where the spear goblins just die

  8. what's the name of the background song? anyone? its really cool!

  9. The gob giant is destined to be paired up with sparky

  10. What if the 👑giant had a Sparky in his other hand

  11. One thing I found goblin giant dies quickly

  12. Porque ya no pones subtitulos al español?

  13. Rename the Arrows as Spears… Now we can make a perfect all goblin deck

  14. The thumbnail looks like my sleep paralysis demon

  15. I want this card called the Bomb-O-Tron which throws huge bombs controlled by a Bomber and drops the Bomber when killed

  16. How to use the goblin giant:
    Tap the card
    Tap anywhere on the map but the red zone

    I hope this help you

  17. Oj:How to counter giants and such(proceeds to over explain)
    me:i play the skeleton army(its super effective :D)

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