How to Use & Counter Tricky Barrel | Clash Royale 🍊 -

How to Use & Counter Tricky Barrel | Clash Royale 🍊

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The Goblin Barrel has a lot of tricky placements for bait decks. First we go over the basics of how to use and how to counter the Goblin Barrel. The basic tank synergies of the barrel. Then we go into more advanced placements on where to place the Goblin Barrel and why it needs to be placed on those certain tiles.

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  1. Using goblin barrel in ladder still it arrives 😍

  2. Well now they can't zap the 1 elixir fire spirit and it still counters the barrel

  3. The true tricky barrel is using goblin drill

  4. and now, singular fire spirit in the back counters all placements

  5. I just go for the king tower, they never counter it. And sometimes they give me victory laughing emote.

  6. No matter how you place it, arrows take care of it (99.999% of the time).

  7. Btw now a fire spirit can just eliminate a goblin barrel

  8. Lol I’m the beginning of the video there’s dramatic music until Ojs intro comes in.

  9. This card is most annoying thing ever created in clash Royal 😅😒😔

  10. Someone threw two goblin barrels at me and made me lose is that cheating? Or how do you do that

  11. Defend globins barrel and It costs 3 exilir right? You can easily defend It with megaknight, and It costs 7 exilir, positive exilir trade

  12. 0:08 Fake, I zap them and they still not dead, got 2 hit on my tower every times.

  13. Oponent:
    Yeets goblin barrel
    Spends 30 elixir but still get dmg

  14. Idk I become a profesional at timing there is no trick that I can't predict is weird.

  15. How to counter tricky barrel in 2021:
    Play a fire spirit.

  16. I didn't know the barrel did splash damage when landed lol

  17. “Common synergy is tank plus barrel”
    Me with dart goblin:
    the barrel IS the tank

  18. That 1 minute intro was beautiful.

  19. I use skeleton army right behind the tower for a equal elixir trade

  20. what about the Assert Dominance Barrel?

    toss a goblin barrel at the king tower at the very beginning of the game

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